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The Worker Anchor is being replaced by the new #logs tag. This allows for teams to provide their own updates in a decentralized way.

Anchor archive

from retrospectives

  • use fewer videochat room addresses; delete duplicate links and topics
  • we’ll make more time for socializing at Resonate – encourage each other to go to the wednesday call
  • we’ll reach out to each other directly to check in, say hi, offer help, invite to meetings
  • experiment with adjusting forum settings to send folks more notifications of when new posts are made (can opt-out)
  • maybe have a monthly hangout/party for members to get to know each other, tell stories
  • make time to learn about each other’s skills
  • schedule things in advance with clear calendar
  • host a facilitated discussion among workers for them to get feedback from each other

Celebrations :tada:

:building_construction: Platform

  • Stats are done for May and June
  • User API is ready; waiting on ID server and payments implementation
  • Community Credentials demonstration is live:
    ID Server and User API epic test version is online
  • Moved development work into Github and Forum where developers and members can engage
  • Experimenting with new development collab structure: Epics, Stories, Projects, etc
  • Forum categories redesign, after collaborative design process with members
  • Music Submission process and pages updated
  • New website: Final version of copy complete

:evergreen_tree: Co-operation

  • ESSIF consortium grant with FairBNB/Pavilion has been selected

  • Aug 24 Board Meeting & Elections complete.

    • Expecting to sign Jetbooks of Dublin to be bookkeeping firm this week
      Next monthly meeting scheduled for Sept 21
  • Next monthly meeting scheduled for Sept 21

    • Hakanto elected Board Chair through first meeting of 2022
    • Manifesto revised, expanded and approved
    • Relaunch Plan approved and underway
    • Communications plan approved
    • Handbook Section of the Forum to serve as Operating Manual
    • Handbook Committee & Board Development Committee missions approved
    • Operating Plan was presented by Executive

Chartered work :pushpin:

Co-ordination & Scheduling

Post-pone: For now, we’re aiming to improve DM/notifications in Discourse rather than set up another real-time platform such as RocketChat. [Rich - We have several standing weekly meetings, including: Worker Anchor, Community Check-In (see note) , Worker Week in Review and Forum Governance Check-in. Perhaps these would be places to identify current coordination work and themes.]

Wednesday Community Call on hiatus — until Relaunch Community team has re-evaluated and re-established community engagement methods and plans

  • Hakanto: schedule General Meeting (Tenatively October 9th)
  • Hakanto: set up Forum categories for new Board committees, schedule first meetings


Player & Website Epic - Figma prototype of new universal header/footer was published in forum by Timothée. Header/footer designs are finalized for this Epic, outstanding questions will be worked into future Epics. Augustin partly implemented new header onto beta player. Now will take care of footer update and more (figma). Nick has updated user stories and published API design doc in forum. Augustin refactored Player 7.

(Development Update from the team this week would be great (Sept 6) ! @angus @Hakanto @Nick_M )

  • Nick/Hakanto/Aug: payments in signup flow are in scope for current epic; stripe api - doc being prepared. (see API doc) & User Stories in Forum: Payments and Accounting - User Stories
  • Hakanto: Consult with Nick/Aug re: missing links in Header/Footer
  • Hakanto: Pitch opening sections of Forum to General Public
  • Hakanto: Read all documentation about user API, learning about new profile/accounts distinctions; collect documentation
  • Nick: User and Membership Management User Stories: Update for Stripe Dashboard Admin
  • Hakanto: create brief document that clarifies the new user signup and roles process
  • (in progress) Nick>Angus: set up a call to update devplan doc Clarify position of uploading / dashboard capabilities.
  • Nick: (in progress) ask angus if there’s a way to set up a testing environment for workers related to artist circles. Test environment for Discourse - check with Angus on when/if this will be necessary.
  • Hakanto>Angus: Install checklist plugin
  • Sunita: Researching: Switch to .coop emails for refresh
  • Rich - Work with Angus to identify obstacles to adding additional artists to the Comm Credentials offer a la Kallie. - checked in. Follow-up next week.
  • Last week, Hakanto had to work on a larger update related to api v2 integration with player (testing in dev).


Rulebook updated using past resolutions, merged resolutions from past AGMs. New GM resolution proposals are in Drafts.

  • Regular onboarding: Sunita - Hakanto
  • in progress Sunita: email for brandon
    Sunita - tag brandon on email thread
  • Sunita - will send mailchimp out today, edited in workplan meeting
  • in progress Sunita: email for Hakanto
  • [Rich] Worker agreement out to Eugene (atty) for legal review.
  • Rich: Nick needs Stripe privileges
  • Nick: Form 35 (Listener Members). form 87, Additional Supporter Shares - Check that payments are going through. Email the person to follow-up. Establish process w/ Nick/Peter/Rich. Daily review. Rich offers.


No release dates this week. Melissa, Rich, brandon want to learn uploading.

  • Upload Crew Welcome + Instructions
  • Sunita training this Thursday, September 16, 10 AM with @richjensen
  • Sunita now upload capable, DM if you want to set up a time to learn
  • If time allows, Hakanto create uploadingtraining video.
  • Hakanto: follow up on upload corrections
  • Hakanto>Rich: Give google access

Story & Strategy

Board is discussing/voting on manifesto. Signed up for Allied Media Conference next year. TRUST engagement message posted in Forum. Concentrating on relaunch. Reaching out to bigger partners and goal partnerships.

  • Melissa/Sunita: Editing Fundraising plan
  • Brandon: Integrating the community plan with development
  • Rich: Melissa coordinating draft of Fundraising Strategy Document within Story Team. Review draft this week and defining Fundraising Campaigns/Offers directed at a variety of constituencies in harmony with delivery of Relaunch.
  • Rich/Melissa/Sunita: Prepare simple 3 slide fund-raising deck
  • Melissa: Gathering Artist and Music Community contact list, prospective Members, allies and Story boosters
  • Rich: finalize agreements with distributors (kompakt/ domino / IDOL)
  • Melissa - second meeting with IDOL this week
  • brandon: “coffee & song” coop collab [Rich - Public Performance License in Admin/Legal Backlog] ARTIST STRATEGY - connecting with artists in specific geographies (like coffee supply)


Need people who can make video content.

  • Meeting this week Wedndesday Sept 15 for Comms Relaunch olan
  • Melissa: Preparing Newsletter to be out Friday
  • Start thinking about next volunteer, Dev or Comms meeting
  • Survey circulation - last call Sept 13
  • Call for next Staff Picks playlist suggestions, maybe cut to 15 to avoid repetition, making sure to include all regions (making recommendations about genres we don’t normally listen to).

Policy & Budgeting

  • Sunita/Hakanto/Rich: Member services meetings now switching Tuesdays EDT Noon; experimentation with clockify
  • Sunita/Hakanto: Worker Agreement proposal; what does onboarding look like for new workers? application/enrollment process
  • Rich/Angus: Themes of Worker Agreement Proposal will be incorporated in Relaunch Governance workstream
  • Hakanto: Pitch new names for Membership Classes in Forum
  • Rich: Submitting Worker Agreement for legal review
  • Rich: Reaching out for legal review/update of Terms and Conditions (third parties)
  • Rich: Public Performance Lic. (above)
  • Rich: Provide Additional notes to Operating Plan, share with community

Accounting, Reporting, Compliance

Looking forward to Sue Jackson’s Treasurer proposal. Share register was last reconciled on Nov 2019. Stats and artist payment calculations done and published to core team. ESSIF money expedited. Tax declarations for CT to 2018 made and tax paid.

  • Rich: Reviewing 90 day work proposal from Sue, will circulate, review, and reply by this Friday
  • Rich: Jetbooks to start closing 2019 this week (Sept 6)
    Turned off VAT collection on wordpress.
  • Rich: completing financial, share register, membership reports for 2019/2020 to be turned over to auditor in coordination with new bookkeeping firm
  • Rich/Nick/Hakanto/Sunita to develop Member Policy and accounting review from 2019 to present for Approval by the Board; integration into Community Credentials

Grantwork & Partnerships

Timeline doc: Etherpad

  • brandon: Good to meet collectively to fill out/flesh out TRUST outline this week (Sept 6), updated outline as much as currently possible, gathered resources to help build the report. Want to make time to knock this out
  • brandon - encourage participation in Community Survey; Last call September 13
  • brandon/Sunita: work on TRUST deck
  • Sunita: to email Community Survey

Collaboration with FairBnB

(are there any pertinent updates @Nick_M @angus ?)

  • Nick: prepare and submit SME check document
  • Nick: Initial draft complete. Scoping and partner responsibilities being refined.
  • Rich: Monthly team coordination meeting 2021-09-16T06:30:00Z

Our Horizon :sunrise:

2021 Q3

  • establish kyc rituals and checks for all member classes
  • brandon/rich - collaboration proposal 15€ an hour for up to 100 hours for work/consultation supporting Resonate Community Credentials Development
  • brandon: reach out to Hakanto re: QR code generation and playlists generation

Payments API / accounting

  • open source accounting
  • Improve orders table (receivables/payables)
  • Establish Accounts Payable Process; automated interface; internal ledgers needed of account balances; XERO is current bookkeeping system, needs to be integrated with player

Devplan update

  • need quantification of resources (labor, money, governance)
  • Meeting for co-defining skills needed and roles (angus, nick, etc)
  • what we’ve built, where we are now, what’s ahead

Membership development plan work


  • June stats


  • Policy about supporter projects using the Resonate name or associating with Resonate / Memo regarding autonomous support / API ecosystem transparency, protect artist resources
  • Rich: Executive Statement to Membership re: State of the Co-op
  • Forum improvements: Opt-out calendar notification system for forum / how do we send messages to the whole population of forum or specific stakeholders? / Improve welcoming/orientation in forum and co-op (build instructional slides: clickthroughs"How to use this Forum") / Add checklist plugin
  • Plan/invite for ISRC party (~6hrs); get commitment from 6 workers
  • Publish Current Worker Roles including Executive → where does this info go?
  • Establish contract with distributor for testing bulk upload
  • Publish role descriptions for paid workers; wage transparency
  • Need to explore next steps and vision for metadata processing at Resonate
  • Before player and wallet integration of Comm Creds, we need to clarify our relationship with Verifiable Credentials infrastructure provider.
  • Explore social context artist circles credentials support environment, convo hosted by Rich with artists; output: user stories for forum design
  • Discuss improving revenue
  • put out Q2 retrospective newsletter to members; pitches Q3 broad goals; work with dev team on planning

Q3 outside workers’ capacity

  • Settle VAT account shenanigans

Q3 skills needed

  • Video editing/For fleshing out communications/content
  • Do monthly stats (watch training video)
  • Analytics/data developer (SQL)
  • Irish-registered auditor
  • UI/UX designer for Player/Dashboard
  • Xero-certified fullservice bookkeeper to handle monthly books, AP, AR; experience with Zero omnipay AR integration
  • Rich: Public Performance Member License

2022 Q1

  • Explore payment improvements; moving away from XERO

Define, Refine, automate monthly Artist Accounting.
Nick: Turn on 1c minin the current stats view for payment calculation.

  1. Take player output produce excel tables
  2. determine who gets paid for the month
  3. Inform Peter who needs to be paid; he pays em
  4. Generate reports for to-be-paid artists
  • Handle case-by-case earnings report requests from artists
  • When cargo needs to be paid, ISRC codes need to be looked up
  • Reconcile payments: what amount of our cash holdings are in reserve for future payments

I’m merged the Topics for the Workers’ Anchor and for the Monday Workplan Meeting since the two are so closely related. Now, the link to the Monday meeting can be found here at the top of the Anchor.

I left the meeting before saving the Shared Notes and thus lost our work. :tired_face: Sorry to everyone who wrote on our Anchor this week. I’ll try to summarize the key points I remember.

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O dang! Is there an editable version? I can try to reconstruct my contributions.

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Yeah, it’s set up as a wiki, so anyone can edit it. Hit that big Edit button and go for it :slight_smile:

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Probably catch it later tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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The Anchor has been updated for this week, including some of the ideas raised at last Friday’s retropsective.

Anchor for Aug 30 updated.

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I won’t be at this Anchor Meeting this Monday. Meeting with @Nick_M and @angus to work on user onboarding flow

Double checking that we’re meeting tomorrow given Labor Day? @richjensen @Hakanto

Take a holiday if desired. :+1:t3:

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will be there !

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