🥁 Worker check-in

I’m inviting @workers to share very brief notes each day when they do work at the co-op. The shorter the better!

While most workspaces at Resonate are transparent, a few need to be private such as the Operations area I work in much of the time. For transparency, communication, accountability, camaraderie – posting little updates where everyone can see is a good habit.

In an global environment like ours the work potentially never ends, but we all need our break time. Drop a note in here as a moment to check in – clock out – and get your rest :beach_umbrella:

  • worker retrospective
  • 3 hrs operations - tasks, coordination, inbox
  • studied zenhub, our likely choice for development project management + roadmap visualization
  • met with @jackhajb: github/forum integration, volunteer dev coordination planning, QA for new website

Catching up in the main inbox and nearing INBOX ZERO :boom: Thanks @sganesh and @peter for their help

Soundtrack: Mat Eric Hart - Spirits & Reflections

  • 2 hrs - Artist Earnings Research (History/Report prep)
  • 1.5 hrs - Finance Team meeting
  • .5 hr - Stripe Payment Analysis
  • 1 hr - Check-in w/@brndnkng re: Dev Team recruitment, Community Outreach [agaric.coop, Allied Media], Artist and Catalog strategy, donor approach, comrade check-in, work balance, Exec/Board dialogue

Lighter stuff:

Introduced to Cynefin Dynamics

A humanistic complexity framework for collective decision-making.

Soundtrack: https://stream.resonate.coop/artist/8607

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Woke up early this morning, wife still sleeping and too early for work, so I’m uploading a few entries with a warm coffee and Rich’s soundtrack recommendation.

Soundtrack: Alessio Pianelli - The Songlines - I - wonderful cello playing - thanks Rich! (oh, things just picked up hahaha)

  • 1.5 hr exec team meeting
  • 3.5 hr operations - coordination, forum research and organization, set up new tag sidebar
  • 1 hr QA testing on new website

Soundtrack: BEZA - Talking to the Sky

  • 30 minutes - upload coordinator emails
  • 45 minutes - uploading music submissions

Soundtrack: LUCA - A Bouquet of the Meadow / Japanese Old Folksongs

  • 1 hr chat w/ @auggod and @jackhajb about migration off wordpress
  • 5 hrs research into dev collaboration, current roadblocks, support needed
  • 1 hr on how to use Zenhub for project management
  • 1hr upload coordinator emails + uploading corrected submissions

Tues. 2.5 hours Catch up with Melissa and brandon. Set appt with potential supporter.

Wed. 1 hr Fundraising check-in with Sam.
4 hr Set-up Board meeting. emails.

  • 1.5 hr board meeting
  • 3.5 hr development project management research; Zenhub tutorials
  • 1 hr operations - inbox, forum

2 hours upload coordinator emails + release corrections per artist email request.

  • 1 hour Community Team Meeting
  • 1.5 hours building and testing stream-app
  • 2 hours syncing Apple App Store Connect API with Expo/EAS App Submission Service and TestFlight, submitted app for review for public testing via Testflight. (Timeline expectation: 50% apps approved within 24 hours, 90% of apps approved within 48 hours).

Soundtrack: Pink Siifu - ensley

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  • 1.5 hr uploading
  • 5 minutes upload coordinator emails

Tiny bit of uploading while my PC is gearing up for my workday.

Soundtrack: Rïga - Oxacides


~30 minutes upload coordinator emails, etc.

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3 hour prep
3 hour f2f chat with angel

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Been tracking most of my progress from the past few days here:

That being said, here’s a brief synopsis:

  • Successfully requesting tracking permissions from the user, allowing us to publish on Apple Mac Store, as we use cookies to log users in, etc.
  • Many fixes for the Status Bar and getting the color to match device preference and look good with both light and dark modes on the Resonate UI
  • Public TestFlight for iOS available: Join the Resonate Co-op beta - TestFlight - Apple
  • Internal Testing for Android available: Anmelden – Google Konten
  • Improved UX and iOS Cookie Policy text to be clear and to the point
  • A potential solution to appropriate metadata lacking in Now Playing/Control Center on iOS, not to mention enhancement to the web player itself

30 minutes - various upload coordinator emails & activities.

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