Worker Members

Current Worker Members



To retain membership in this class, a Worker Member is expected to track at least 40 hours of work every six months and aspire to the Worker Member Code of Conduct. Hours should be tracked in a way that is viewable by all worker members, making note of which goal or role the work hours are aligned with.

How to Join

If you were approved at the 2022 AGM to claim Worker Membership, you can activate your Worker Membership by requesting to join the Worker Member user group here on the forum.

Anyone else interested can pursue Worker Membership by tracking 40 hours of work within a six month period and being approved by a class resolution of Worker Members at a General Meeting. Before tracking work hours, please contact @worker-members to get onboarded as a Worker. We can’t wait to meet you!

Code of Conduct

approved at 2022 AGM

We foster transparent work and communication.
We make sure everyone who has a stake in a piece of knowledge is aware of it.
We favor transparency over silos.
We stay informed of what projects are happening and why.
We inform worker members regularly about our availability, activities, and workload.
We track our work hours in a way that is viewable by all worker members, making note of which goal or role our hours are aligned with.
We practice collective decision-making for topics that are large, forward-thinking, or which affect us all.
We trust our intelligence as individuals in making decisions that are small, reversible, or in our area of expertise.
We make sure there are individuals and groups responsible for tasks getting done.
We don’t micromanage those whom we entrust with a responsibility.
We experiment and make time together to reflect on our experiments.
We all take turns teaching and learning.
We listen more than we talk.
We enable others to speak for themselves, rather than speaking on their behalf.
We do not interrupt or talk over each other to be heard.
We share our thoughts, hopes, and needs with directness and honesty.
We critique with compassion and curiosity.
We create working groups to build connections and dependability, not to exclude.
We lead by inspiring and educating, not by demanding and complaining.
We take care of ourselves and let ourselves be taken care of.
We speak clearly and slowly so that those not using their native language to work with others on the team can participate.​​​​​​​
We include, promote, consolidate, and follow a course determined by underrepresented identities and cultures.
We are vulnerable with each other about our limitations.
We are confident with each other about our skills.
We expend time to skillshare if needed to make sure all members develop new skills if they desire.
We prefer conflict and healing to passivity and spite.
We value initiative, creativity, playfulness, and rest.
We do not idealize labor for its own sake.
We make time to get to know each other as people, not just workers.
We celebrate ourselves and what we build.


17.8% of any surplus – the Worker Allocation as it’s called – will be split among Worker Members. Though often described as 20%, 17.8% is more accurate as it factors in 10% of the surplus which goes to Supporter Shares and 1% which is donated.

For details, see sections 45-48 and 50 of the Resonate Rulebook.

Note: Resonate does not yet have a process established for determining what proportion of the Worker Allocation would go to each Worker Member. In many co-ops, it is common for a labor dividend to be distributed proportionally to the work done by each person. In that case, each Worker Member would receive a portion of the surplus determined by how many qualifying contributions (40 hours of work) they had tracked relative to other Worker Members.


Like Listener Members and Musicmaker Members, a Worker Member’s liability is limited to the value of their shares, which each have a par value of €1.

Updating primary membership class

To make Worker Member your primary membership class at Resonate, select the orange Flair in your user preferences here on the forum.