About social media and getting your music out there

I’m in a strange place where I’m trying to stop using Facebook, but about to release an album and I’m feeling like I’m out of options to get the word out about the music and its upcoming release. I ended up reactivating my account to promote the release. It feels like a personal failure.

Anybody else been through this? Are there alternatives? Places where one can build a “home base” for their music with its own identity, nurture and build a relationship with listeners, provide an experience that’s more than just a list of streamable audio files, etc.? I feel like I’m completely out of touch with how to get my band’s music out there and everything I know feels so formulaic and generic.


yeah i’ve been on and off several platforms, multiple times; and the only consistent thing i had through all those times was email. curious where you’re at with emailing some of your listeners directly with email software… it can be a lifeline


@CPacaud totally different context but I was unable to market on fb (boring stuff, don’t worry).

What I did was a website + community events (eventbrite) + mailing list + SMS

Each would feed into the other.

Fb is pretty generic compared to 90s myspace, basically anything you do will be less formulaic :stuck_out_tongue:


@datafruits has a little VR world to have streaming parties for their label :slight_smile: