About the Performers and Composers fields on a Release page

First, a slight cosmetic kink: I noticed there is no space after the comma under “Performers” when entering multiple Additional Performers for a release.

Second point: I think “Composers” versus “Performers” can create confusion as to the exact roles of the artists invovled in a release, especially since the entries under “Performers” are entered first as “Additional Performers” when entering the details for the Release as part of the upload process.

Reading this, I understand Tim Arnold is the composer, but doesn’t perform. Kate Alderton and Jeremy Stockwell being the two performers on the release. This is not the case (Tim is the main performer and composer, Kate and Jeremy are playing on one track only).

There ARE cases where a composer may not perform on his/her own release though, so we should be able to handle and reflect this clearly.

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Regarding the spacing between entries: I just noticed this also happens in the Composers field when it contains multiple entries.

This is super important, even the space after the coma, I think such metadatas are being currently worked on by the devteam and I’m guessing that’s why the feature is not yet implemented as it should.

It could be cool to have some input from @auggod or @angus whenever they have time to share (I don’t want to put more pressure on the devteam than needed) where this progress is at and if we need to worry about things like that or if they’re already being taken care of in another space we’re not using yet.