Add song to Queue

As a listener, I want to be able to add songs to a Queue. I want to be able to listen to Song A from the Queue while adding song B to the Queue, and then have song B start playing after Song A without having to refresh a page or the Queue itself.


@karijoensen does this look like a good first-draft description? Anything you’d change about how the Queue would function? Any related features? Thanks for your suggestion!

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To put the play queue in playlist terms, it would be a playlist that:

  • all users have by default
  • maybe a button on the track menu allowing user to put the track on the repo in a click as opposed to having to find it in the list
  • when user plays a track in the queue playlist, it’s removed from the playlist (?)

Being able to add songs to a queue for the player, while browsing artists, would be handy :ok_hand: