Alla Prima - The complete anthology Vol. 1

Artist Genre - Rock
Artist Location - Brazil

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Sweet post, @regisfrias! Share more about this work? It suggests a particular historical time in a way I really appreciate.

Hi @richjensen, thanks a lot for your comment :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand your question though (especially the bit about the historical time), but I can definitely tell you more about this recording!

This started years before the recording itself. I had a band with another group of friends with the idea of playing cover of our favorite songs in our favorite night clubs. We then learned that those venues didn’t want anything to do with cover bands because of copyright issues. So I started writing songs like crazy.

The band eventually split. Years later I showed the songs my two cousins (keyboardist Michel and singer/multi-instrumentalist Daniel) and proposed we start a new band with those songs. We reworked them and wrote lyrics.

I asked a friend who owned a home studio if he could record this album and he agreed to do it without charging. (Incidentally, this friend was a bass player for the previous band.) He found a drummer to play in some of the songs that really required it and I recorded bass, all of the guitars and many vocal tracks. My cousins recorded their parts. In the mean time we found a girl who did the vocals. Also some friends from the previous band recorded vocals in some songs and another guy did lead vocals in a couple of songs.

This is roughly how it went.

Now, if you’re looking for the story behind the lyrics, well, then don’t look too deeply, it’s mostly nonsense :laughing:

Let me know if this answers your question. Also, could you let me know more specifically what you appreciate in this work?


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I will listen more so I will have more to say.

Thank you so much for the story about the music.

I see that in my sentence above about’ historical time’ two words were missing and they are: '‘to me’.

I am probably older than many people in this community and one consequence of this is that I have been noticing a variety of styles across time. I think it is the nature, or at least tendency, of culture to often move as a matter of echoes. Maybe it’s like looking through journals of people from a previous time, picking out the things that are meaningful or fun for us to inhabit.

There were certain cues in the presentation that lead me to receive the work a certain way. An ‘Anthology’ is a form that often refers to a historical collection to point out certain characteristics common to a time or theme or point of view. The art also reminded me of some of the minimalist or ‘neo-constructivist’ forms that were often associated with modern-facing musical approaches of what has been called the post-punk era c. 1979-1982.

I mean only to answer your invitation to share my personal impressions here and the cues the work triggered in my idiosyncratic and faulty subjective mechanism. In no way do I mean to place the work in a tidy box or diminish its future life and implication.

It appealed to me and I will listen further. That’s kinda rare. Thank you!

Well, I’m not that young myself hehehe

The cover was designed by my brother and is definitely inspired by the constructivist movements, so you spotted this right! The music has several different influences, but for sure post-punk is one of them, although none of us listened to it actively. This probably came via other references we had.

Thank you for your comments! Please do share all your thoughts about this project. It’s really important to me :slight_smile:

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