Alternate payment model for podcasts?

I really like the Stream2own model for songs, but it doesn’t seem to work for longform content – especially podcasts.

Generally, a podcast is only listened to one time, perhaps a few times. And the tracks are much much longer, potentially an entire album length on one track.

A tool to auto-split the album upon upload doesn’t solve the issue either. A 60-minute podcast being cut into a variety of 5 minute tracks, is still only 12 plays at the nano first-play pay rate.

Maybe in the future when someone uploads a track, they can have the option to label it as a “Podcast” instead, and when a listener reaches… say… the 15 minute mark of the Podcast, then they get auto-billed for a larger, one-time amount.

Tracks: charges at 45 seconds, price increases over 9 plays until you gain download rights
Podcasts: charges a set larger price at ~15 mins, you never gain download rights

I feel this is something that we definitely need to come up with a creative solution for. If podcasters/long-form-content producers are going to have incentive to put stuff on Resonate, they need to get paid too.


Maybe we could prompt the use of the ‘buy now’ button for longer pieces to skip to 9 play level… ‘buy now’ to continue?

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I agree the current model does not make a lot of sense for podcasts. I think paying in full for listening to the podcast once makes sense, and that it also makes sense to be able to hear it again for free if you want to.

Would this be complicated to implement?

  • I start to listen to the podcast for free.
  • At some point, either right at the start or just before there is an above-level-1 charge, I get prompted to make sure I’m OK with paying the full price along the way for the full podcast
  • unsure of whether we want the intermediate levels to be there
  • I am automatically charged with the 8th level at a reasonable time mark (10 minutes?).
  • I am automatically charged with the 9th level at the 30 minute mark.

That’s great. @auggod is there a ‘timer’ we could use for this?

I’d like there to be a gestation period for the consideration of podcast models/implementations.


Many/most podcasts are offered for free, though donations are encouraged. Not sure that our users will be friendly to required fees.

Most monetization behaviors are organized around periodicity, ie a subscription. Bandcamp handles the donation/subscription offer quite elegantly. Is this something we could support?

Podcasts and music use different modes of listening and should be segregated in our archive.

When we think ‘podcasts’ we should think of two sets: those shared by ‘external producers’ / those organized around Resonate-based, music, content and themes.


Yes, the Bandcamp subscription model is awesomely good and a lot of thought and development effort has gone into it.

Offering podcasts for free on Resonate is easy of course.

The back-end accounting / direct debit part of repeated subscription type collections is standard functionality (for a fee) from accounting and payments software providers like Xero and an artist account could be set up to receive the subscription collections, less costs and admin effort around the service. But we would have to add new releases automatically to ‘owned tracks’ for the regular subscribers.

For segregation in the player, we would need a new ‘podcast’ trackgroup-type (@auggod
has future-proofed it nicely to allow for things like this :slight_smile: ) … or indeed have several types of podcast trackgroup, external vs Resonate own.

Bank collections are cheaper for everyone, and I think there is a transferwise option too, which saves on fx fees.