Are Worker-Owned Businesses Better? (Article from LinkedIn)

Hi all,

I just wanted to share an article that I saw on LinkedIn talking about cooperatives, and their increasing popularity in recent years.

It’s a bit of a long read, but it’s encouraging for me to see this conversion coming to the forefront.

I think a big part of Resonate’s success will be around communicating how Resonate is a co-op, and the benefits that come with that. Being able to successfully showcase this model in action will also be a great way to educate many people about entirely new oppprtunities for business, and how humans can exchange value and interact with each other in a more just system.

While skimming through the article, I stumbled upon this interesting site called “Seed Commons” which is a network of funds looking to invest in co-ops.

@richjensen, @Nick_M, and others, have you heard of this before?

With the little bit that I was able to read on them from the article, they talk about “patient capital” and the potential to borrow a long-term loan from them?

I am not sure loans are the best option when it comes to funding, but just thought I would share incase you weren’t aware.



I’m all for worker- (or a careful balance of worker&client-) -owned businesses. I do think that some of our funding will come from this. I know personally my money is here precisely because of this.
For the same reason, I’m against loans, since they tend to mean investor-owned business. Even if workers (or workers&clients) have the nominal control, as soon as real money is owed to someone else, they are the boss: you have a single actor with the power to make critical decisions.


@sam Yes. We have several contacts on the Board of Seed Commons.


Okay, great! Again, not sure if it’s worth jumping at right now, but I am glad it’s a potential option, if Resonate needs it. Thanks!