- Study-To-Action Public Talk & Solidarity Not Charity - Grantmaking in the Solidarity Economy Report

peace everyone,

i wanted to share some things has been up to. BIG shout out to one of our board members @nati helped put together this amazing report! “Solidarity Not Charity - Grantmaking in the Solidarity Economy”

here’s a link to a video which gives a brief synopsis Solidarity Not Charity ( commissioned by GIA - Video

many of the themes presented within the report connect to The Resonate Manifesto (updated version forthcoming* ) in the realization that cultural workers are economy builders. if we aim to repair centuries of injustice, we must align ourselves with the people who’ve been most harmed by our systems; those practicing self-determination, community ownership and democratic governance. this contributes to building political, cultural and economic power, an act resilience, which is super essential, especially amidst a crisis. engaging in and expanding the reach of this ecosystem, a solidarity economy based on repair and care really can shift the material conditions and be beneficial to those who are a part of it.

all of that to say, this report is dope and totally worth checking out!

also, has this study towards action virtual study group series starting on the first friday of September (September 3rd, not this friday, but next*)

2021-09-03T04:00:00Z Study-To-Action

in this series, they’re offering an one hour Public Talk + Experience for anyone who RSVPs. and then the Study-into-Action cohort* continues into facilitated break-out groups.

but yeah, completely encourage anyone who’s interested to definitely tap in!


Thanks for sharing this @brndnkng. It’s been a whirlwind. Please hit me up if you have questions and super grateful for all the work that’s gone into the Resonate Manifesto also. We inspire each other!