Artist Page

As a user, I want to check a public artist profile page I don’t own that contains:

  • Banner image if exists
  • Profile picture
  • Name
  • Follow button (not in 7.x)
  • Short bio if exists (not in 7.x)
  • Highlights if exists: list of highlighted tracks (top tracks by number of plays)
  • Featured album if exists
  • Discography if exists: list of albums => click on album leads to album page
  • Release year of each album in discography
  • Recommended artists if exists => click on artist leads to album artist (not in 7.x)
  • Member of: label lists if exists (still only one label per account in 7.x)
  • Members: list of members (musicians for instance) Design updated - AlexC (not in 7.x)
  • Bio if exists
  • Links if exist


@cpacaud: I’d like to see bios/text being brought up at the forefront of the artists/labels pages. They’re currently placed at the bottom on both the desktop and mobile players.

it would be nice to see playlists the artists tracks are featured in, even if it’s just a random one


What are the thoughts on displaying the release year of each album listed in the discography? Would be useful info personally for me as a user.


“Release year of each album in discography” - saved! Thanks for the ideas

Just wanted to say these look great! I’m quite excited to see this stuff when it becomes reality. thanks @Hakanto

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I agree, it should share the same functionality as Soundcloud. Curently, the three little dots hides some links, they should be out in the open where we can see them. Soundcloud has comments and messaging to artists visually available and easy to use on their site.