Attracting bigger/already popular artists?

I think it’s great that there’s so many small-time artists interested in Resonate, but there’s no denying that the platform would forever remain niche if it didn’t attract already popular artists. I’m talking everything from “local” superstars that might be racking up a million streams a year, to the big global names that get 50 million+ streams a year.

Has anyone here ever reached out to at least the smaller ones (the million streams ones) to see if they have an interest in Resonate? Or is the belief that the platform just isn’t polished enough to start such conversations yet? And if so, is there a roadmap of what needs to be done to get there? Generally speaking, I’d think most people that offer something for sale never say no to yet another opportunity to sell their goods, as long as it’s relatively friction-less.


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Yes. Some Members are in dialogue with supportive artists (and their teams and labels), some of whom represent many 100s of millions of streams.

The platform is not ready for mass adoption because, for example, it is not prepared to ingest all the metadata that will be required for ‘third party’ rights-holders like publishing and performance rights organizations. The present player offer is essentially a ‘look and feel’ demonstration. We need an informed technical plan to move from ‘feel’ to ‘real’.

The roadmap meetings of January were an effort to express an inter-disciplinary consensus for the platform to meet the expectations of successful professional independent right-holders and their communities.

There is some history and various points of view on why that effort might seem to be coming so late. I believe it results mostly from the community operating with essentially no funding from 2018 to 2021 while detaching from a proprietary blockchain/token based roadmap and pivoting to a more holistic social and tactical vision as expressed in the manifesto ratified by Members last Dec at the 2021 AGM.

We’ve had a single (heroic and mega-talented) developer :raised_hands:t3: Augustin :pray:t3:on staff during that period handling maintenance and any number of urgent tasks (including launch of Player 7 in Q4 2021.) Nick Meyne’s extraordinary efforts in 2020 won a set of NGI grants to implement a modern, cloud based backend and community management structure as expressed in this Discourse instance. (Thank you especially Angus, Hakanto and brandon for this achievement.) Those grants funded grant-specific dev work from Oct 20 - Dec 21 and non-dev community and operations work from Mar 21 -Jan 22.

I believe we are due for an expanded core technical team with cross-disciplinary management and communication skills committed to a medium-term plan (approx. two years) that takes the co-op’s commercial streaming offer to the point of self-sustenance.

We haven’t arrived at the specifics of a flight plan but in gross terms I think we are looking at a funding gap of about 300K EU over 2 years, eminently fundable with the support of, say, 20K members at 10eu/per year.

Principal outcomes of the January sessions were:

  1. to pursue fund-raising to stabilize immediate operations
    (We’ve done ok with that raising about 12K since Jan 1, but could do better.)

  2. Draft an operating plan to support the ‘feel’ to ‘real’ roadmap.
    (A challenge until we secure time from enough people with expert knowledge.)

I’d say that’s where Resonate, “we”, “you”, “all of us”, are are right now: Working on the plan to share with friends that could help.

Want to help?


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Thanks for the detailed response! I understand. I’d be happy to help with anything technical whenever the plan has been formalized :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s fantastic! Thank you.