August 15 2022 Resonate Coop General Meeting—Voting and Notes

August 15, 2022 Resonate Coop General Meeting

Ordinary Resolution

Elect Thom Stewart of Galway, Ireland to the Resonate Board of Director
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  • Against

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Agenda and Notes

Attendance: 12

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  • Rich: Mentioning that a General Meeting may be introduced by the Board

Call to Order and Welcome - Chair, brandon king

Motion to Approve Chair

  • Seconded by Hakanto
    • Approved, no objection

Approval of Agenda

  • Seconded by Sunita
    • Approved, no objection

Consideration of Ordinary Resolution:

“To Be Resolved: Thom Stewart 1 of Galway, Ireland is elected to the Resonate Board as a Director.”

Introduction - Rich Jensen

Overview of where we’re at and how we came to talk with Thom about joining our board

  • We found that some of our auditing advice with compliance wasn’t substantial

  • New auditor that is more rigorous and feels that there are important steps to help indicate that we’re a proper Irish organization

    • This involves two factors: there’s legal requirement indicating having Irish citizens on board, but also a social mission with genuine connection to where we’re doing cooperative work, doing on the ground work with social justice movements within Ireland
    • Around last October, I was impressed with an individual as well as original secretary Sam Toland and began to engage with communities that work with what we aspire to do
    • Ireland as a people has a historic struggle with colonization
    • We need to be connected with someone who has the technical expertise to create a good relationship with where we’re chartered
  • Liabilities with the Irish Government

  • We engaged a new auditor
    • New auditor had a different interpretation regarding the obligations regarding payment to the Irish State Employment Fund
    • We began to hit revenue volume as a service so we are hitting our VAT threshold

Thom Stewart

  • Managed a collective art center Dublin for about 4-5 years
  • Galway—Cooperative Mental Health Facility
  • Dog lol
  • Primary cooperative, used Resonate’s articles to incorporate a cooperative doing work with Irish Government Health Services
  • On an ethical level, convinced that this form of organization is the only way to create change and move forward
  • It’s a creative and artistic country
  • See a lot of common ground between being someone who has set up art cooperatives and Resonate
  • Artists can democratically manage our own economies


  • Hakanto: What are some of your own personal inspirations or dreams for the place?

    • Slightly unpopular position (in general I don’t think that most cooperatives make economic sense)
      • Through intercooperation amongst coops
      • I dont think it’s much to say “we’ll have a not evil Spotify”
      • It’s not sufficient, either on a level of values or economics
      • Most interested in how we can actually bring around artists towards and ecological regeneration of the arts
      • Employing festivals to do radical earth care
  • brandon: I think a lot of this really aligns with us

  • Rich: This highly unusual process for the first time we’ve had a general meeting, sort of having this interview situation

  • Hakanto: Open to officer in the future

    • At the moment focused on familiarity and stabilization
    • One advantage is that because the genetics of the cooperatives are sufficiently similar, I see crossover, there’s an economic model there with secondary cooperatives
    • I think it would be premature to jump into an officer role
    • There’s lots of intricacies with the ecosystem in Ireland that requires an on the ground person here
    • Let’s focus once again on stabilization and enterprise access

Motion to open member voting in the forum through 11:59pm August 22 (CET)

  • Seconded by Rich

Announcements and General Discussion

  • brandon: folks have different vantage points of the elephant, might help to pop around and chat

    • Introduction and background, aligning with a lot of the stuff Thom is bringing up, cultural organizer, I DJ, starting school this fall, getting an MFA, former community lead at Resonate, build ecological balance, working with communities to repair, a lot of unlearning around white supremacy and colonization
    • All of these things we’ve been taking steps towards
    • There’s a lot of different containers of work, it’s been financially precarious, sometimes the money to do projects doesnt keep us on the path to doing the things we need to do
    • The tension of not having the money/resources of not being able to do what we want to do
    • One of the reasons I feel I was brought here was to help steer the ship, assess what we have
  • Si: over the past week we unblocked Aug, able to do some major infrastructure work, it’s been overwhelming with the amount of options created

    • Props to Aug and everyone on dev for holding it down
    • There was a lot of excitement about finally being unblocked
    • Any links that are wrong, anything that’s not working, please let us know
    • Emotionally and Infrastructure wise it’s been a big deal!
  • Hakanto: seconding that shout out to this space and everything coming together

  • LLK: appreciate the community and that we have a community where we feel we can justify what we’re asking out of people, there were great last minute additions, this has been groundbreaking for us

  • brandon: would be remiss not to mention Diane and Sam’s work around our membership drive

    • Diane’s work around community team meetings and dismantling white culture meetings
    • We’re able to build a deeper connection here with folks
  • Rich: getting board meetings out there’s no intentional blockage, just have been focusing on family matters and getting stable

  • Hakanto: working on a project, want to invite folks in the community to join, pitch for an organizational form for how we structure working groups, thinking to what brandon was saying with the elephant metaphor, I’ve had my own opportunity to view lots of different things since arriving as a volunteer, create a lineage of learning, so that they’re guaranteed to have other folks to learn fromacce

    • Want to express gratitude to those on Mattermost, going to bring this proposal to the forum this week
    • Working with Diane to host calls, looking forward to it

Motion to Adjourn

  • Seconded by Sunita

Could we have a link to the full recording of the General Meeting for the people who couldn’t attend? There were some critical informations that I feel are missing from the quick notes most notably about our liabilities (I’ve heard 25k€ ?) which I think are essential to help people make an informed decision. Overall I consider access to those informations essential knowledge for anyone willing to engage both with this vote and our coop.


I have access to the recording and can make it available in the next 24 hours.


@Sam_Martyn @sganesh How about an email letting folks know voting and discussion is open? And a post on socials? Only 5 votes so far


I could probably get something out to members about this once we have the recording link.

Think it would be good to have that along with all the text in the original forum post as a strong enough resource to educate people who want to vote, like @llk mentioned.

Let me know what else could be helpful in here too, otherwise I’ll draft something up in the next few days and keep people posted.


You’re doing terrific work Sam thank you so much.


Here’s the link:

Access Passcode (if required): #aug22gm


By the way: @Thom introduces himself at 17:00 minutes into the recording.



Glad that with some of the extra time I have over the summer, I’ve been able to slide into a bit of the system Resonate has in place for socials and comms stuff.

Still slowly coming out of my shell when it comes to my capacities, but seeing all of the dev work, community involvement, and general feedback/engagement as of late is also really motivating, so thanks everyone!


Last minutes to vote on this Resolution.

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