August 15th General Meeting Agenda Preliminary Draft—Please Contribute Suggestions!

Co-operative General Meeting

August 15, 2022

8am Pacific US / 11am East US / 5pm CET / 11pm SGT (UTC+8)

Duration: 90 Minutes



  1. Call to Order and Welcome - Chair, brandon king

  2. Approval of Agenda

  3. Consideration of Ordinary Resolution:

“To Be Resolved: Thom Stewart of Galway, Ireland is elected to the Resonate Board as a Director.”

  1. Introduction - Rich Jensen / Thom Stewart

  2. Discussion

  3. Motion to open member voting in the forum through 11:59pm August 22 (CET).

  4. Announcements and General Discussion

  5. Adjourn


Thanks, @sganesh! Some ideas:

  • First off, would be good to start with a motion to approve the Chair for the meeting.

  • I’m thinking Announcements will be well suited to happen right after the approval of the Agenda. Thinking being that some may need to leave early and this way will still hear the Announcements. Also a nice way to set the stage for the later conversations.