Auto renewal

hello, sometimes it can be confusing keeping track of all my memberships and subscriptions. does the Listener membership automatically renew?

You should see your active membership + purchased shares here:

It will automatically renew once a year unless you choose to cancel.

where do i go to cancel my membership?

i see “Access your membership details” and when i click it, it just keeps bring me back to

there’s no cancel button anywhere on that page. there’s a message that says “Account not complete” on the top left. so maybe it’s showing up differently for me because of that. please advise me what to do to cancel before the 6th.

to be more specific, there are fields for:

  • “Display name”
  • “E-mail”
  • “Country”

there’s a box that has options to purchase credits for 7, 12, 22, and 50 euros.

there’s a checked field that says:

“You are a member
10 Euros a year (listener) / Membership is free for artists (and label owners)”

and another one that says:

“Subscribe to our newsletter
We would like to keep in touch using your email address. Is that OK?”

and a field with:

“Buy supporter shares
1 Euro per share”

there’s a link to “Access your membership details”

everything can be checked / filled out / clicked except the “You are a member” field which is grayed out. nowhere on the page does it have a box / button/ link to click that says “cancel.”

For your account to be considered complete, it requires a display name + verified email address.
You may be considered a member right now but yet, you’re not required to have subscription. Legacy memberships don’t renew automatically… You may be on the old system and we have never asked you to renew. Also we probably won’t.

First subscriptions are expected to renew by august 17 2023.