Being able to add Artists to "Favorites"

This is a feature I’ve already mentionned in a longer post about my first user experience with the new player, but since I see the forum has evolved and there’s a system for “proposals” now, I thought it might be better to mention it again here and create a specific topic for it.

I’ve been using the new player for a few days now, and this need has become all the more critical, because it’s kept me from actually using all the time I’ve spent on the platform so far to customize my future experience of it in a meaningful way. Which means while I can favorite songs and add stuff to my playlists (thanks @auggod ) now, it still means than whenever I’ll come back to the platform once I’m acquainted with what it is I’m curious about, I will have to manually find out by myself for each artist I enjoyed if they’ve released new material, or if they’ve made playlists of tracks I might be interested in, or if they’ve favorited stuff from artists related to them.

I think these are, if not very ground breaking, at the minimum critical features if we mean to push the narrative of “music as a social tool”, as they allow people to easily discover the hidden network of less visible artists and creators behind more proeminent artists, and they’re a great incentive to come back to the platform to check out what happened in the music realm you cherish since the last time you logged in.


This was one of my first thoughts as well on first using the platform. It would be great to be able to “follow” artists", and save entire albums to the library rather than just individual songs.


For what it’s worth, as the back-end nears consolidation, this gets closer and closer to becoming easy-to-implement.