BSA Fundraising Example

Black Socialists have a compelling model


Thank you for highlighting this; I think Resonate could benefit tremendously from emulating something like this on the site, and it’s not that hard to set up (depending on the route we want to go).

We’ve noticed that simple things like outlining key areas for support, setting clear fundraising goals, and progress meters/bars help to encourage people to give, and make donors feel like they have a vested interest in seeing campaigns succeed.

Perhaps we could update that tech and infrastructure document from months back, and then block out some general areas we’d like supporters to focus on for donations? Work out some accessible and succinct copy for each area, and figure out a back-end donations set up around campaigns?

BSA uses Donorbox, but I know you love Open Collective, @richjensen. Worth discussing, in my view. And could open us up to more gains for what is, in my view, relatively little effort.

Let me know your thoughts.


sounds like a good pace to start. :eyes: @melis_tailored

Sounds great. I like it.

It would be great if you and @richjensen could do that this week - let me know if you need any help. You already have a clear idea for this, so that make sense for you to undertake.

I will then focus on finishing the overview for fundraising, meeting with nati, looking into the merch options with sunita etc etc.

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Building the shape and style (and audience!!) of 's excellent blog post and tweets would be great as context. There’s some good progress on the API’s to mention as an update. For more specific ‘asks’ the funding proposal content in this doc could be useful:

The existing opencollective account for Resonate is probably the quickest way to make these funding needs visible and available for collections at the moment:

… but donorbox looks great too, with a bit more work to set it up and integrate it.

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Is the resonate/ open collective funding account actually up to date?

Could we update it before Friday with more specifics about what we need, for what and when, aim a bit higher on the funding? I can then include this in the news letter


I’ll ask who has access to it. Probably @peter Could ask @Angus to put links to the Dev Epics in there and clear out the old stuff.

In the account now as admin trying to sort it out.

It’s not easy :roll_eyes:

For default copy I will make an edited and simplified version of the Epic stuff on forum and in the fundraising proposal

For new website copy, do you have a convenient up to date text file, or is the definitive version only in the Figma?

@Nick_M I’m in the middle of making a simplified version of the fundraising doc.

Do you want to share the login with me - then I can look at what the options are and try to line up the messaging more clearly.

Yes of course. Much better if you handle the content directly. I’ll ask Peter to set you up. There are some issues with it at the moment. I think we need a thing called ‘projects’ on there… which is not appearing in the profile at the moment. Not sure why… maybe we have to ask for it.

Sorted. Peter has invited you. If you are an admin for Resonate under ‘My Collectives’ you will be able to go into the Resonate page and create some of these: