Bug - Library link when logged in


Library link when logged in


Library link takes me to a login page

Steps to reproduce

Go to Log In • Resonate ID
I see a page which asks me to “Continue to Player, Logging in as David C” and has a 'Finish Loggin" button.
There is also a ‘Library’ link in the header.
If I click that Library link I’m returned to a page with a message that pops up and tells me I am not logged in: Resonate

If instead I click the “Finish Loggin” button, I am taken to Resonate and there is no Library link in the header

Expected Results vs Actual Results

Expected: I’m expecting that I am logged in already, and that I should go to a library page, or that if I finish logging in I should see a Library link still
(I’m not sure why I need to finish logging in - haven’t I just done that?

Actual: Taken to a log in page, or taken to the discover page with no library link

Source URL

This is where the Library link is pointed: Resonate


Firefox 96, Ubuntu 20.04

Hi @theargentgrub

The finish login step is related to the oath-2 specifications and is a required step to complete login.

re: The library link, I’m seeing it when I’m logged in. Can you confirm if you’re still able to recreate this issue?

This is much better for me.

After the first step of the login, there is a fairly plain screen with ‘Finish login’ step - no other distracting links to click.

Once I complete that step then I’m logged in and I see a Library link that works as expected.

(And If I try to cheat by using the library link from the ticket above before I’m fully logged in then I’m kicked out to a ‘try to login page’)

All good.Fixed. Thanks. Well done.

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