Change header text on Player main page

Since many folks first encounter with Resonate will be via the Player, the text header is an ideal place to offer a tagline explaining what Resonate is in few words.

I suggest replacing

“Discover new sounds and genres.
New releases added weekly.”

to something like

“The co-operative music streaming platform.
Community owned and run.”

Brief, and with minimal jargon or specialized wording. Core message conveyed should be (1) you are looking at a music player (2) it’s not just a music player, it’s owned and run co-operatively.

Resonate is a lot more than that, but we should save those explanations for the marketing website and forum.

Currently, new arrivals on this page aren’t given any context about what Resonate is and what is unique about us. They can gather from the page’s design that it is some sort of music site, but the don’t know anything more than that unless they find their way to the Learn menu.

Having some sort of main page banner text like can also be a point of pride for members, a reminder that Resonate is theirs and built by them.