Co-op Page

Story unclear; moved from Github. Clarification needed.

“As the Member API won’t realistically be ready for the MVP, let’s have a message there to tell the user it’s coming soon”

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Not sure this page is anything to do with the Member API? …I thought this was where we were meant to provide a link to the new website co-op information?

Maybe! I was quoting @auggod from his comment on Github. I’m not sure what this was for, but wanted to save it in case it was important. You and he would have a better sense of what this is for than I do.

Apologies… guess it must be a placeholder in the UI for the supporter shares and membership status of the user… in which case these user stories from the user-membership API spec apply:

A04 member As a co-op member I want to easily and securely access and maintain my personal membership data and transaction history
A05 user as a member I want to specify my contact and communication channel choices

A04 includes all the membership and share transactions … and a possible renewal reminder.

There is also A02 which is the replacement for our current membership form: “As a (signed in) user I want to be able to choose to join as a co-op member, pay my membership subscription and purchase supporter shares if necessary.”… and that would need to align / be consistent with this.

There is also this one, A06, about volunteering:
“As a user I need to be able to volunteer, express interests and make offers of relevant skills and availability”
but perhaps that fits better with the Community Forum part of the platform?