Community Artist Wishlist

Hi all,

Thanks for letting me join this community! I love the concept of Resonate and look forward to seeing how it progresses.

I have lots of ideas brewing but there’s one I’d like to put forward for now if anyone would like to discuss.

Is there any way listeners can request artists they want to join Resonate? If not, would there happen to be any plans for a Community Artist Wishlist at all? If not, let me describe what I mean. This would be some way for listeners to request or vote for artists they want to join Resonate. I can imagine this being implemented in a few ways:

  • as a feature within the app itself. There could be a section for artists that are not currently on Resonate. Users could browse through and vote for artists. I’m not sure if there is some concept of marking an artist as a favourite but this could also be done before they join either separately or in combination with voting. This approach would be massively beneficial in order for users to build out their library without requiring the artists to be on the platform yet. Just not sure if they can be listed without their permission. Users might be able to opt-in to notifications for when they join too. The main downside is that this would take development time away from building out the other parts of the application further so it would need to be prioritised appropriately.

  • as a forum category. Not sure how Discourse works entirely but it might be possible to do this on here. It is the same idea but requires more work from users to create a separate account and a post for each artist. May also be difficult to maintain with the potential for duplicates to be created and could bloat the forum with many additional posts. An example of this approach would be the GOG Galaxy Community Wishlist which lets registered users vote once for each suggestion. It seems like the forum can already be used for feature request but I think a category like this would be a nice way to give the community a voice on the specific music they want to see on the platform.

Does anyone think there would be enough benefit and time to implement one of these approaches?
One difficulty is people could make multiple accounts to increase the votes for a particular artist.
One use would be to have an artist page with a count of votes to show how much demand there is for their music to be on the platform. Which votes belong to which user could be hidden from the public. There could also be a label page to show how many votes there are for their artists collectively.

Not sure if there are people actively reaching out to labels or artists but this might be a way to help direct which artists and labels to contact. Although, I understand if there is more of a focus on getting big names to join in order to increase popularity faster. I’m interested to learn more if there is already a process in place for growth

Keen to know what you think about this! Thanks for reading