Coronavirus and Spotify

There is a hoo-hah brewing in some online quarters as Daniel Ek has just announced, with apparently no empathy, that he’s about to take the millions he’s earned from Spotify and invest it in science and technology, implying those areas are more stable and lucrative than the music business. At the same time, the UK government has predicted lockdown and social distancing measures will have to continue for at least another six months, taking us to next March.
I see that life has improved somewhat in Germany, but other major music markets like the UK and USA have not improved. Musicians have not been able to perform live for 6 months already, with at least another six months redundancy highly likely. Having banned international travel to a certain degree and halted live performance, the UK government have announced financial support will only go to those citizens ALREADY working. Leaving most performers out in the cold.
These two events (Ek’s millions and lack of government support) have somewhat combined online, with artists and blogger/vloggers raging. I have commented and linked to on a few vlogs.
I said months ago the lockdown could have been the making of Resonate. I know it is tough competing with the tech barons, with large infrastructure and deep wallets. Please keep pushing forward and get the word out. I have been very happy to see a lot more Resonate activity on Instagram. I think the pandemic has cemented Bandcamp’s position as a caring music platform, with their fee free Fridays. Following some popular online blogs raging about Spotify, Ek and the state of streaming, I see the vast majority are still not aware of Resonate.