Credits on vs

I topped up on (now I’m at ~4 credits) but can’t get past 45 seconds of playing.
I checked in on and am at ~.19 credits.

Shame on me for putting money on the beta-beta but what should I do here to top up and be able to get past the 45 second limit?

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It does not really matter if you top up on the new beta player vs the older one.
A refresh does not fix the issue? What is your user id?

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here’s a video:

Favorites, History are the same across players, Credits are not.

my user is 17929.

I tried refreshing and logging in / out to fix the issue on the player version on which I topped up, but it didn’t seem to fix the problem immediately. It did eventually start working but I can’t tell if it was just the passage of time or something I did.

I’ve experienced the lag as well. I thought I fixed it by logging out and in, but maybe it was another process.

Credits amount will sync up as you play or logout/log in. If you’re using two players at the same time, there can be discrepancies between players.


Aha that synced them.
I guess it’s a known issue which will mostly solve itself once the platform transitions the new player.