Delete artist account


Since I haven’t been able to log in to my artist accounts (cf CSRF token invalid thread) in over a year, I’d like to completely delete them from Resonate database, but how can I since I can’t log in?


I guess I’m currently the only one available and still able to do that but I don’t have access to your email which is needed to identify your Resonate account. I don’t have full admin access on the forums anymore.

I still expect some news from @richjensen about the state of the resonate cooperative.

Unless we can bring back people to sustain the paltform, the services are probably going to have to shut down at some point.

I don’t expect paid memberships to be renewed at all.

We can always discuss what’s next. I think the forums and the website should stay online.

We’re going to have to calculate earnings one last time but the overall usage is very low so I don’t expect many members to hit the 10€ threshold.


thanks for your reply.
I agree forums should stay online, if just for learning about what went wrong along the way.

Do you know if any one associated with the coop has heard from him more recently than several months ago? Seems like pure radio silence…