Development Wish List

Just thought I’d post a random wish list for any and all devs browsing thru the forums.

In no particular order…

  • album view on artist profiles (labels already have this)
  • pagination on artist and label pages
  • simple playlisting - “add song to playlist” function on a song by song basis
  • top-up your credits when someone is in preview mode

This last one may need some design samples sorted ahead of time. Happy to do that. DM me to coordinate. :slight_smile:

CC @developers


Here is a bunch of some features and fixes that could be nice to have:

  • favorite an Album (a first easy temporary solution could be to add to Favorites all Tracks of the Album in one click)
  • favorite an Artist
  • then add Artists, Albums and Tracks tabs on the top of the Library’s Favorites page, similarly to the search results page to quickly filter Favorites collection
  • add an “album page” option in the dropdown menu on a track
  • on search results page (without filtering), maybe display both Artists (one row of five on the top) and Tracks above — right now, only tracks are displayed (ex:
  • from Laptop to wider screens, add .player-component .controls > .infos {width: 236px} so the infos container’s width is fixed and well aligned to the left sidebar, and doesn’t change when a new track is loaded.

And one issue I found:


I hope this isn’t a daft question, but how do band/musician aliases work on Resonate?


Not a dumb question at all. Our current system (which will hopefully be retired in a few months) crudely links separate accounts together.

The future system is based on the idea of personas. That a person can have multiple artist aliases, run a label and be a listener all from the same account.


Oh, this is amazing news. It’s something that a lot of streaming services (like Spotify) really aren’t equipped to deal with for some odd reason. I looked up Aphex Twin and Grouper as examples and they treat their aliases as completely separate identities with individual listener bases rather than facets of the same musician, which I feel strips out some of their context.


Yes indeed. The design of those systems outstrips all meaning. Rips it to shred.

And its intentional. There’s a reason Spotify doesn’t have a label page.


This looks interesting. Decentralized Git-repositories. Friends of Disco.Coop. (I’m a fan). Seems like the right idea. Here’s team leader Abbey Titcomb giving a recent presentation about the service that just launched today. 'Radicle: Towards decentralized code collaboration' - Abbey Titcomb - YouTube

They know who we are. Met with their founder years ago. Even offered us desk space in Berlin.


We’ve been touching antennae on Twitter. Curious what technical Members would think about working with their Git environment. @auggod @Timothee @Nick_M @datafruits @forrest.durell @jessevhooff @KallieMarie @odomojuli

First thoughts are that it would be a great place to work on decentralised, peer to peer projects such as Play Fair Community Streaming

where we were (and still might) be working with the lovely CoBox

…for now, I suppose we’re about growing an ecosystem, so ‘critical mass’ and reach is a big consideration when we’re scaling up on our core open-source ethical cloud platform. We could move out from there into a more decentralisation-friendly collaboration environment when we get the funding for those projects.

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I don’t know anything about Git environments. Or what a Git is other than a word commonly used to insult some one. I have heard of “Git Hub” but I don’t know what one is. Forgive my woeful ignorance!

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Here are some features I would love to see:

-ALBUM CREDITS-Like liner notes? Where can Mastering, mixing, recording engineers be credited, along with any players etc. This is so crucial and many streaming services don’t show it.

-Discography/album views, or singles. Its sort of there, but it doesn’t link to the artists’ profile, not that I could figure out?


I TOTALLY SECOND THAT! There is so many platforms where you can’t just get all the credits right! Some accept mixing engineer role, then the next place allows you only to chose a remixer? If there would be a way for all Metadata to be as extensive as it can be, I don’t know, maybe even allowing to “create custom” if there isn’t, and those be added to the database, regardless of who thought of it.


Here’s an interesting comment from Soweto Kinch in the evidence to the streaming inquiry from last week’s session:

“Another thing we have not discussed is that there could be maybe not
user-centric but artist-centric models of hosting your music on streaming
platforms, so that I could offer something that is more bespoke to a
listener, if not a signed stream, some higher-level broadcast quality, WAV
files or some other level of interaction. There is no ability to set your own
prices as an artist on streaming platforms.”

Perhaps something we could look at alongside enabling the download feature again.

That ‘signed stream’ or premium HQ download possibility is a possible use or scenario we anticipated in our Community Credentials work. Those ‘premium’ services need trust. Being able to pay more is also something we could reflect in the ‘buy now’ button… where you could donate more, or maybe ‘go premium’ if you wanted to?



@KallieMarie We’re busy on a new powerful and flexible ‘profiles’ system that will allow us to carry all these types of profiles and link credits to them for their work, over and above the ‘industry’ requirement to maintain correctly-registered metadata and display the rights information correctly. Lot’s of work to do!

I would be very happy with playlists.
Also, in case this alternative is simpler, I would also be very happy if we could reorder the tracks we already bought and play them in the desired order instead of in the last-purchased to first purchased order.


Will this support credits in a way that it doesn’t matter if they’re a member of Resonate? Its nice to have it link to profiles, but that could get a bit confusing. As many engineers won’t have profiles on Resonate… I think keeping them separate might be worth pondering.

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Hi @KallieMarie yes we have to retain all the credit information we get when tracks are provides to us an add more if there are claims or updates made later. We can’t possibly maintain profiles on Resonate for everyone, so we’d just have the names or references we have in the metadata. If an artist or curator would like to set up additional profiles for information only, or give us a link to an external service to add ‘artistic context’ then that would be fine too. One day I suppose ‘everyone will have a number’ like an ISNI, and hold a Creative Passport… But I won’t hold my breath for that, being happy with a more human-centric approach to identity. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @Nick_M ! it sounds great, for some time ago thought about how artists and fair communities would create more opportunities via such infra.

Imagined a cafe, bar etc. having a place in this equation, as something other than an audience, but also a sort of hoster/distributor.

Probably via becoming radio channels playing songs and also being able to add songs to their receipts to customers, as a take away.

Maybe this way new kind of listeners (prosumer) would be enabled to start radio channels with content in CoBox.

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