Earnings and payouts

For an overview of our pricing model, see here:


Resonate uses a unique user-centric payments system.

From these earnings, 70% goes to the artist, label, or rights holders. 30% goes back into the co-operative for development and maintainance of the platform.

Since the co-operative is owned by its artists, listeners, and workers, members have the right to decide what to do with any surplus at the Annual General Meeting, either to invest toward future Resonate projects or distribute the surplus among ourselves.


Co-op policy is to make a payment when an artist’s earned credits cross a 10€ EUR threshold (about $11.50 USD), as payouts below 10€ would incur a bigger admin and card processing cost.

One cent per play guarantee

Our co-op guarantees at least 0.01€ per play at the time of a payout: a minimum of 10€ ($11.20) per 1000 streams.

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Payouts below €10 incur a bigger admin and card processing cost, but multiple artists can be covered by a €10+ payment to labels acting on their behalf or to their distributor.

We will look at mutual exchange for products and services offered by other co-operatives, using vouchers. This will help to avoid leakage of co-operative value in fees. Of course we will also offer an option to re-use the earnings for listening, offering even better exchange value and a greater sense of solidarity. The more music you offer, the more music you can enjoy.


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Leaving off the other information for now re: mutual exchange. Handbook is focused on presenting the current state of things. Although, I’d be happy to add links to other pages where that work is being done or where a feature is detailed, such as a user-story. Have any suggestions?

Hi, I don’t see how your statement to guarantee 0.01 EUR per play, as one Click equals 0.24 Ct (0.0024 EUR) [took this info from your HP]. I also don’t understand why you bring up this topic, when hitting the threshold of 9 resp. 10 Streams guarantees even more than one cent. Can you please clarify?