Everpress T-Shirt Campaign Expired?

Just wanted to give the team a heads up that I believe the Everpress T-Shirt campaign has expired?

Not sure if the campaign could just be restarted, or if we’d need to make a new one, but just wanted to mention it since I noticed when retweeting the support page (great work on the page and the promotion for it!)

Let me know if you need any help here. Thanks!

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It’s live again!

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Awesome! Not sure how many people visit the support page on the Resonate site, but if it’s a decent amount, can we quickly switch the “BUY MERCH” link to the new campaign link (Music Ecosystem apparel | Everpress)?

Let me know if I can help here. Thanks!

This was fixed today. :slight_smile:

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hey just giving an update that the T-shirt campaign has been re-upped

definitely feel free to spread the word!