February 2022 highlights & reflections

February’s nearly done and we’ve accomplished a lot this month. It’s had challenges, but feeling very excited by our accomplishments and how new folks are connecting.

Let’s start putting together a monthly summary of key improvements and news. This way new folks can get up to speed quickly – and we can celebrate our own achievements as well! Please share your ideas for things to include.

I’ll be working on this post bit by bit, adding my own ideas as well. When it’s done I’ll tidy it up and add it to the Blog category.

Reply here, or start a new topic in Harvest to expand on your reflections for this month. Tell a story, share some gratitude. There’s always new work to do here – let’s take time to celebrate what we’ve done! :beers:

What’s new at Resonate

Forum redesign

The forum has been reorganized to highlight particular activities. Read an overview of the new design, with each category fitting together to tell a narrative of collaboration.


Wordpress migration, testing, funding. [[Invite testing support and funds]] [[Needs]]
Support by Fundraising Team


The new Proposals category in the forum has become the place to share a vision or start an initiative.

  • Our website’s pricing page was swiftly rewritten to clarify our pricing model and what’s great about it for both artists and listeners.

  • An initiative begun by @piper is experimenting with basic apps for iOS and Android that port our browser-based player. Members are joining up to help with testing and share feedback.

  • At our Annual General Meeting in December 2021, members voted to change our annual listener membership fee from 5 to 10 euros. Since then, over 255 new listener members joined Resonate Co-op! This doubling of our listener membership welcomes new friends and vital funds for the co-op.


Recent updates to the Resonate player, 1,2,3 [[patch notes]]

New music

[[Music category]]

Board of Directors

  • Members welcome @sganesh as a director and Co-op Secretary for 2022 to manage membership and voting processes.

  • Directors welcome @richjensen as Co-op Chairperson for 2022 to facilitate board meetings and foster partnerships.

  • Longtime supporter Kalam Ali leaves the board.

Workshop Teams

Supporter shoutouts


@Uploaders How many releases did y’all upload this month total? Anyone down to look into that? Would be great to include.

Also, how about if each of you pick a release to highlight – we’ll give those a shout-out in the blog.

If I managed to reasonably deduce when February uploads started, it looks like the counts at the time of this writing (2022-02-24):

  • Hakanto: 1
  • thehouseorgan: 30
  • CPacaud: 32
  • remst8: 53

For a grand total of 116 releases (so far)!


Go team!

One of my highlights: I’ve been enjoying Mat Eric Hart’s Spirits and Reflections a lot!


Difficult to select just one release to highlight, but for this round I choose Emergence by Sonic Junkie.

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