First Album on resonate - "Taunus"

This album is my first attempt to focus on one area near my hometown.

To go there again and again,
to see again and again,
to listen again and again,
to feel again and again,
to become one again and again.

By repeating something you can see more patterns and tiny movements.
Like when spring returns in all its glory or your heart is beating.
Life is different each time.

The repeat visits opened me an almost granular view of the sights and sounds of what a place is made of. I hope you can follow these steps and I’m sure you have a place near that opens up this same view for you.

I hope you enjoy the compositions and appreciate all the work that has gone into this album.


released April 1, 2022

Thanks go to:

My family for the ongoing support (and enduring the cable mess)
Dimitrios Papalisis for my rehearsal room
VB Kühl for inspiration and support
The folks at the Jogging House community
Arturia for making awesome gear
BASTL for making weird and awesome gear
Bitwig for making a DAW that I like
The universe for creating this planet