Fundraising T-Shirt — Please weigh in!

Hi all — wanted to drop below some potential simple t-shirt options that @melis_tailored and I have discussed for limited fundraising to kick us off with merch. The company we’re seeking to print through is Everpress, with permission from the ever brilliant Bridget to use her graphics. Below are a few color options and a mock-up of a Black/White option that would be cheaper to produce (but slightly less eye catching).

Would love to have you all weigh in on colors/placement/what graphic we use. @nati @richjensen @brndnkng for your perusal especially! I’ve done a few color mock-ups on CustomInk and will adjust the graphics in photoshop to match the colors for uploading on Everpress once there is a selection. These colors are just a few Melissa and I mentioned, so please weigh in on edits/other combinations you’d like to see!

B+W Simple Option:

Color Options with a dual print (slightly more expensive)





It would be great to have everyone’s feedback by thursday afternoon. As we’d like to set up the t-shirt to be able to send out in the newsletter on Friday - absolute latest on Monday.

I love the blue/yellow - black/yellow. But can see an advantage of doing the first run with black only - as it’s cheaper and we need funds ASAP. After the first run, we could do the second with a colour.

Please let us know your thoughts.


My thinking on this is that the resonate logo should be on there in some form.

Aesthetically, the yellow and black is cool.

@Timothee what do you think?

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peace story team crew,

thank you for drawing these up, i agree with melissa in terms of doing a run of the black shirts first…

i’m a fan of monocromatic and subtlety… i think it’d be cool to have a black on black print rather than white or even if it was black and dark grey for accent…

example:Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 8.06.34 AM

i also think it’d be cool to have the graphic that’s on the back larger and fitting more towards the bottom of the shirt.

it could also be cool to have the record graphic run on the side of the shirt like under the arm fitting from starting from the bottom of the tee…

example: Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 7.56.07 AM
so like have the cd on the front side creeping up from the bottom and the vinyl creeping up from the back side… graphic starting at the bottom of the tee… i think that’d look really cool with the logo like where it’s already placed.

i realize that the placement may cost a bit more, but i believe it may be worth it b/c it’ll feel less like a uniform, but more like a shirt you’d like to rock b/c you think it’s cool. def feel it’d be worth it to look into. if it doesn’t make sense financially on the first run, cool. placement of graphic is def something we should seriously consider.

in terms of the ones in color, my fav is the black and yellow on a white tee. i think it’d also may be cool to have violet and orange on a white tee

hope this helps!


I heard there was to be some effort to incorporate the word ‘Resonate’ into the ‘seaweed’ graphic…

Did someone make an inquiry with the artist?

BTW, I think @brndnkng is bringing good suggestions.

an alternative to changing the ‘Seaweed’ would be to run the Logo pretty bold vertically on one side of the shirt…

I like the black on black… or some other suggestion other than black/white… also would prefer a lighter-weight shirt… not the heaviest (personally a fan of v-neck)

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Yeah, I’ve tried not to throw my own preferences in here caus I feel like I’m not much in the market for tshirts. When I wear them the main things I’m looking for are loose collars and light fabric. Living in the tropics, it gets hot as hell down here! Even a crew-neck tshirt is too much for the Houston summer. I wear a lot of loose linen.

I think @brndnkng’s suggestions are sick. Just a hunch but I feel we’re more likely to sell something at a higher price point that has bold styling. Seconding brandon’s comment that it should “feel less like a uniform”


Thank you all for the comments and great suggestions.

We’re slightly limited design-wise for this first run. Future merch will be bolder and brighter. I love the black on black - would look amazing with a low colour highlight as well.

I’m asking Bridget if she can incorp resonate into the vines.


And… we’re live with the first t-shirt!

Spread the word. New designs and drops will follow next week.


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@Sam_Martyn Can you remind me of the issue you spotted with the T-shirt offer?

Sure, on the Resonate Support Page (Support - Resonate), the “BUY MERCH” link has the old t-shirt campaign link. The new, working link, that people should be directed to when they click “BUY MERCH” on the support page should be this: Music Ecosystem apparel | Everpress

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OK. done! Thanks! :fire:


Perfect! Thanks!

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