Hakanto's resignation notice

To Resonate members and @directors,

I’m resigning from the Resonate board of directors, effective immediately.

For most of last year, I have planned to leave the board after this recent Annual General Meeting. My mission was to ensure that various amendments and resolutions would be raised at the AGM which would give members the essential agency to continue the work of making Resonate a democratic organization. Sadly, many of those resolutions could only be raised by a board member. Now, there are clearer paths for member classes to choose their own board members, and raise their own amendments as needed.

Thanks to all who helped make that happen. With that done, I need to move on. Passing resolutions is just the first step. If you want what you voted for to be realized, you – you – need to ensure it happens.

I’ve done everything I can for the dream of a democratic co-operative run by artists, listeners and workers. But I don’t want to invest any more effort into what Resonate actually is. I also don’t want to be an unelected board member any more. In addition to leaving the board, I am leaving working/administration roles I’ve helped with, such as forum admin.

I’ve gone above and beyond my responsibilities as a board member and worker. I’ve given far too much at the expense of my own well-being.

I came here cause I thought it could be a place where we can depend on each other to get our needs met, build something beautiful together, share in the responsibility and the reward. That’s what I see as a co-operative.

I’ll continue building that dream elsewhere.

From advocacy to agency.

From structurelessness to accountability.

From participation to responsibility.

From patronization to communication.

From spokespersonship to speaking for oneself.

From charity to independence.

From commentary to contribution.

From figureheads to facilitation.

From sacrifice to solidarity.

Adiaŭ kaj bonŝancon,
Hakanto :axe:


Thank you for everything you have done @Hakanto I have learnt so much from you and your work over the years. I’m excited for all the things you will do next!



@richjensen I believe my status as a director needs to be updated on:

  • RBO (register of beneficial ownership)
  • RFS (register of friendly societies) - https://core.cro.ie/
  • List of directors in the Handbook (move my name from Current to Past)

Please let me know when this will be done.

It is important to me that my resignation status be updated on the official records. I don’t want there to be any ambiguity about my current role and responsibilities at the co-op.

I believe I do not have the ability to update these records myself so I need help from you or someone else. If there is someone else that I should seek help from, please tag them here so that I can coordinate with them.

Alternatively, if I am able to update these records and am given help the proper permissions to do so, let me know and I will do it myself. Thanks

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I went ahead and updated the Handbook, but I have no ability to update the others.

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I expect to have a precise answer, or clear this item, Monday 4/10.

Thanks for the update @richjensen

Wishing you the best and appreciating all your work you put into the effort. Onwards!

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Any update, @richjensen? How can I help?

@richjensen Any updates? Anything I can do to help?

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I called the Register of Friendly Societies today.

Each year, when a Society submits its Annual Return, its Annual Return should list the directors for that respective year. When submitted, the Annual Returns which should list me as a director are 2021 and 2022. I should not be listed as a director on the 2023 return, as I submitted my resignation originally in February (this post), and confirmed again in letters on May 27th and July 12th in which I attempted to follow the B10 process for Companies – which I now since learned is not required for Societies.

The process for joining/leaving the board of a Society is managed internally by the Society itself. To my best efforts, I have fulfilled all requirements specified by the Rulebook for leaving the board, have informed the Chairperson and membership, and am no longer a director.