Having a general meeting

Resonate’s Rulebook defines different for Online vs Offline General Meetings. Since Resonate has no expectation of having an Offline General Meeting, this guide follows the Online format.

For directors

  • The co-op is expected to hold two general meetings a year.

General Meeting prep checklist

Are we ready to have a general meeting?

  • Meet quorum requirements
  • Do minutes of previous general meeting have to be approved before the next general meeting? Who approves them? So far, this has been the board’s responsibility.
  • Do we need a up-to-date member register or simply confidence that all possible members have received an invite?

Notice to members

The Board is responsible for ensuring all members have reasonable means to participate in a General Meeting. The Board may call general meetings.

Any proposed amendments to the Rulebook must be listed in the notice from the Board convening the meeting, at minimum two weeks prior.


To meet quorum, all resolutions must be posted to the online collaborative decision-making platform two weeks before the meeting and members must be invited. Section 30.v

For members

What can happen at a general meeting?

  • Celebrate successes
  • Discuss the direction and mission of the co-op
  • Elect or remove Directors of the Board by Ordinary Resolution. (source needed)
  • Members define a Qualifying Contribution on behalf of a class by ordinary resolution Section 10
  • Members decide the current level of the Fan membership contribution, by Ordinary Resolution, mSection 10
  • Members define probationary periods, if any, that apply before the issuance of Shares by Ordinary Resolution Section 10
  • Members define the adminstrative process for expulsion of a member Section 10, by Special Resolution
  • Collaborator-Members can approve new Collaborator Shareholders and issue them each a share by Class Resolution. Section 16
  • A class can define, remove or revise a Qualifying Contribution for itself by ordinary resolution Section 10

Amending the Rulebook

Calling a General Meeting


As a multi-stakeholder co-operative, Resonate is made up of four membership classes: Founder, Fan, Music-maker, and Collaborator.

You may earn membership in multiple classes, but you must always have a primary class chosen. Any other classes in which you have earned membership are your secondary classes.

Who can vote?

:white_check_mark: You may vote at a General Meeting if you are a Collaborator Member, Music-Maker Member, or Fan Member.

  • For Ordinary Resolutions and Special Resolutions, you vote as your primary class. (1.xv)
  • For Class Resolutions, you can vote as your primary and secondary classes. (1.xvi)

Example: if you are both a Fan Member and Music-maker Member, you may vote in both Fan Class Resolutions and Music-maker Class Resolutions. When voting toward an Ordinary Resolution or Special Resolution, you can only vote as a member of your primary class.

Ordinary Resolutions

Ordinary resolutions require a majority of votes cast on a one-shareholder, one-vote basis, irrespective of shareholder class.

Special Resolutions

Special resolutions require a majority of votes cast in each shareholder class separately, on a one-shareholder one-vote basis, plus at least 66% overall.

Class Resolution

Requires a majority of votes cast in one shareholder class.


In the co-op’s history, a Poll vote has yet to take place.

A Poll is a voting method in which each member votes as their primary class, then the votes of each class are adjusted using an agreed-upon multiplier. the Poll was intended as a way to balance out in relative populations of the classes when voting. The multiplier for each class is:

  • 0.35 - Fans
  • 0.45 - Music-makers
  • 0.20 - Collaborators

Founder Members cannot vote in a Poll unless they are a Collaborator Member, Music-maker Member, or Fan Member.

How to raise a resolution for a vote

Getting yourself ready for a General Meeting

How do I review or change my primary class?

How do I know if my membership is active and I’m able to vote?

Annual General Meeting

What must happen at the Annual General Meeting?

  • 1.xvii. “Membership Contribution” is a annual payment that must be paid by
    all Fan Shareholders. The exact payment will be set by the Board and
    approved at each AGM.

AGM resources