How do you sign up as a creator?

If it’s on the site, it wasn’t obvious to me.

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First, a warm welcome to Resonate and our community : )

On the following page, you can join either as listener or artist (creator)

To do so, simply select artist above the signup menu.

However, I agree and it’s not easy to find, if you don’t expect it to be the same page as for listeners…

When I may ask, how did you hear about resonate?


Thanks. I heard about resonate on the cooperatives subreddit.


Cool – good to see you made your way from Reddit over to our forum. I hope you were able to join.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up at the end of the month, maybe you want to join (as a member or just to listen to the conversation): 🗳️ 2022 Annual General Meeting

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