How to communicate the payout system to other people... Spark your creativity. Videos, Mindmaps

Hello all,

I have failed.
I just can’t explain the advantages of the coop to many of my musician peers.
I’d love to see more people join and “get it”, but I feel there is a lot of black and white thinking in the heads and nobody really wants to understand.

I’m not a long time member, so maybe I missed information, mindmaps, videos etc.
My proposal would be to collect ideas how we can reduce the amount of text on the site and make the processes more visible.

I’d be happy to assist by just jotting down some basic ideas.
Then we can scuttle around and see what is worthwile and is feasible to put into a project.

  1. Make a simple “elevator pitch” video. Like two musicians meet and they go: “Aww, my sales are really bad.” - “Ok, so why don’t you try something different?” (I imagine this a bit like the old I’m a Mac and I’m a PC videos hehe)

  2. Create a “process mindmap” so that Artists can see what happens in detail until they get paid. The “we make it in 9” is something almost none of my (stupid!!! hehe) friends understood.

Thanks for your attention.
I will be looking into this further and please keep in mind I’m not a native english speaker.-
It is an advantage on one hand, because I look at things in a different way and on the other hand its and disadvantage because I’m not really a copywriter :slight_smile:

Greetings and have fun making music


I like your idea Oliver. I too am new here and I don’t know what’s been done in the past regarding advertising and videos etc. I think it could be good to have something that’s easy to send to people who don’t know how it works, and videos seem to be the best way to share information on the internet.

I’ll be honest though. About a month ago I found Resonate and I haven’t been back a lot since then. The update emails are good cause that reminds me to check in, as I really do believe in the fundamentals of this project, but I’m not sure I am totally on board with the 9 streams to own idea. Like I love the idea of stream to own, but 9 streams does seem kind of… random? It’s understandable that people don’t get it because 9 seems like an arbitrary number to pick.

I really haven’t used the site enough to be honest. I’m all for trying to communicate the payout system, and I think videos would work, but I don’t feel comfortable putting my hand up to do something like that until I actually understand Resonate and have used it you know?