How to page through artists on a label

Ahoy, I’m wondering if there is a way to page through artists on a label.

e.g. Planet Mu has 154 artists

but I can only see the first 20, and don’t think there is a paging option like there is for the discography. e.g. here FaltyDL is the 20th artist and then it goes straight to discography.



Hey good catch! Yeah, you’re right, that functionality is missing.

I’ll add this to Github as an issue for someone to pick up.

I found a cheesy workaround in the meantime. If you add:


etc, after the URL, then you can very clumsily flip through the artists for the label:


That works great, thanks!

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Sharing an old favourite track from Frog Pocket, who is on ?page=2 :raised_hands: