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@khadzhimurat here is a post with some context on the mobile app development thread…

Maybe a fundraising app, using some of the content above could be the basis of the proof of concept described in here???

Needs to be done fast though.

Thanks for all the info here, @Nick_M. Were you responding to @boopboop? Just curious, as their comment is marked as deleted.

Really just wanna have a sense of what @khadzhimurat’s approach would be at this stage if he were to begin plugging away. I agree with your statements regarding priorities in fundraising, however.


No sorry - didn’t see @boopboop 's comment - was replying to you. From a dev perspective I’d leave it to @jackhajb to make the call on what we do. We’re all agreed on the urgency. He’ll want clarity on the message and then he can make the call on how we execute on it.

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Copy this, @Nick_M. :pray:t4:

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my reply was - if @khadzhimurat wants to volunteer with mobile development, just go for it!

Make a prototype that has login (maybe signup should wait), view tracks in a list, play tracks.

Anything else risks paralysis by analysis.

Deleted my original comment to defer to @jackhajb.


A bare bone prototype would be great.

Login using appropriate grant type. See: id/ at develop · resonatecoop/id · GitHub
Display the amount of credits available (can use this api: Swagger UI)
Play a track (can be a free track or truncated)

There’s lot of work to do to improve both the stream api (trackserver) and playback tracking on the frontend. I hope we can make some progress asap.

After the new website and id server launch, we should be able to focus on that.


combined my and @auggod prototype definitions into this new thread

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Hello, dear friends! My name is Ismail and I’m lead-developer from TeamSESH. We would like to help you in developing your application for both platforms. So yeah, glad to see you made this thread, this is what @khadzhimurat wanted to start this journey. We will make a prototype on with first 2-3 screens. This is stage #1.


Supp! Working on iOS.


Great! Welcome Ismail! have you found our figma designs?


Team, we would like to start with private repository on github with test bundles for iOS and Android using your figma’s designs. Starting with MVP architecture. And then we will keep discuss about all features


Thank you so much for being here and stepping up, @dalgatalibekov and @IsmailDalgatov.

This is a long time coming. :pray:t4:


What’s the best way to follow up and keep a line of communication going, @khadzhimurat and @IsmailDalgatov?

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@khadzhimurat @IsmailDalgatov I’ve set up a new category here in the forum for devs who are working on their own projects in the Resonate ecosystem. Use the space to coordinate, share project updates, request help from us – whatever you like.


@Hakanto & thank you so much! Discord & Telegram the best for communication.

Sorry guys, I got sick and dropped out of work and social networks. Always back to my usual pace


Hope you’re feeling better, @khadzhimurat! No worries at all.

I’ve been told there’s an active Telegram group-chat for devs?

@auggod, @angus, @Hakanto, @brndnkng, @richjensen??? Can you confirm?

If this is true, any way folks who are already on there can open up a chat with @IsmailDalgatov and @khadzhimurat as well?

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Yeah, absolutely! Can’t believe it slipped my mind. @IsmailDalgatov @khadzhimurat Do you use the same usernames on Telegram?

sent a DM

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Tagging this here because it’s a related topic. While this work is underway on these native apps, I’ve put this minimal React Native-based app together here: Minimal Stream Phone App