Journals: Functionality

I like the idea of co-operator Journals but I think they should be excused from being included in the ‘Latest’ sort. I’d feel better about dropping words there if they were just left for the interested and not pushed onto every passerby.

Does anyone know if a topic or category can be ‘locked’ outside of the Latest list?

Am I alone in this sentiment?

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We could set the category up as “muted” by default. That’s how I set up the Handbook category (although i still feel like i’m seeing a lot of those posts in Latest so maybe i set it up wrong…)

We could put it to a poll whether folks want Journals to muted or not. The vote itself would also raise awareness about how muting and other notification controls work on Discourse.

Maybe also controllable by an admin or user on a journal by journal level, but that may be confusing to people.

Personally, I’d enjoy getting notifications when folks update up their journals, but yeah would be good to clarify to folks that it can be muted like other categories – or that folks can pick and choose which journals they want to subscribe to. I can add some guidance in the About the Journals category topic.

I wonder if I could ‘Follow’ the Journals sub-category to get notifications if I am a Journals fan - while Journals themselves are not participating in the ‘Latest’ sort?

You can click on “tracking” if you want to recieve notifications for a specific topics updates, that doesn’t exactly qualify as a separate feed but if you single out the “journal” sub category it’s getting close.


I’ve changed the Journals category to muted.

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