Legacy? What Happens Next?

So, this place is somewhat of a ghost town (I’m as much a part of that as anyone). I’ve logged in very infrequently to see if anything moves or picks up.

I guess I’m not really 100% clear on where things are at or if/where they’re going. Is this shuttered completely or is there any roadmap for the next stages?

When I say road map here though, I’m not talking Phoenix rising from the ashes, I’m asking about how things are maintained for a later time or wrapped up cleanly and fairly.

From an artist/label perspective, what happens to the music I’ve uploaded? Can I expect links to my music on resonate to last? Indefinitely? I mean there’s server costs that someone is still paying for presumably?

I don’t feel I’m ‘owed’ anything but there was a sense of contributing music to build a community and I do feel that some sense of what we can expect would be appropriate at this stage.

Similarly, there was the idea that the underlying technology might be spun out to the next version of an artist-owned-streaming platform. Again, this is cool, especially from the perspective of building things that work for artists etc. but, the building of the underlying platform was served by all of our music (in addition to the coding, logistics, coordination, art, design, community, etc.) and so it would seem fair to have a sense of where this is all going.

Basically, I think there a sense of labour/contribution from the provision of music to the service that needs accounting for as things move on. It’s certainly not the only labour/contribution but it is the one I feel I can raise here.

Finally, if there is no legacy mode, what happens to all of our data? How is that expunged, what will stay on record (e.g. company accounts), what will go where, when will it be deleted?

So yeah… is this completely dead and where do things go from here?


All I can say is that I’m not involved in anything with Resonate or Justifay at the moment… Expected @richjensen to give us an update.

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