Let the user know they've run out of credits

Minor issue, but worth mentioning anyway:

  • was logged in streaming an album :grinning:
  • tracks starting playing 0:45 seconds each :eyes:
  • was confused :thinking:
  • realised I’d run out of credits :moneybag:
  • topped up, all good again :grinning:

Could be good to show a message of some kind letting you know you’ve run out of credits when you’re logged in and playing a track you don’t own yet.

(Some tracks were in my collection as I’d listened 9 times, and they played full length still - kudos on picking that up on a per track level tho!)


@doubleloop Thank you for taking the time to post this. I’ve got a first draft of a pull request to address this available here. Right now it says “You have less than one credit remaining”, open to suggestions.


Nice, thanks :raised_hands:

Re: the question about wording / threshold value for the credits - I wonder if it’s possible to only show the message when you don’t have enough credits for the current track. Reusing whichever logic figures out that the track play should be limited to 45 seconds? And the message might say e.g. ‘You don’t have enough credits to play the current track in full’.

Just thinking some might misconstrue it as a nag to pump more money in, even if they were only listening to their already owned tracks, say.

Anways, works for me as is, thanks for looking at it!


Totally agree with these sentiments. I will do some more digging and see if I can show it only in those situations. That would definitely be ideal! Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Per @doubleloop’s suggestions, I’ve updated my implementation to use the same check that the system uses to determine if the user is previewing the track (preview === true), and changed the wording to:

You don’t have enough credits to play the current track in full

The solution turned out to be simpler than I’d thought it would be. Cheers! :tada: