[listener] allow user to make favorites public / private

Passed on assembly Oct 23.


  • authed user 1: a user who has logged in to the player
  • authed user 2: another user who has logged into the player
  • anonymous user: any user that is not logged into the player

potential user stories for the feature of “public / private favorites” from the point of view of user 1 and 2:

  • As authed user 1, I can toggle on/off whether I want the list of tracks on my favorites page to be public to other authed users
  • As an authed user 2, I can navigate to authed user 1’s profile and see their public favorites and listen to the tracks using the same UI as available on the existing favorites page (click on one track and the system plays the track, then the next track, then the next track)
  • anonymous user can not make their favorites public, anonymous user doesn’t have favorites until they’re logged in

business value:

  • having public favorites would give third-party developers more data with which to build playlisting and music discovery tools

Does this refer to regular resonate users, to “authed” users, or to both? It seems from the first line that authed users already the ability to make their favorites public or private. Regular resonate users don’t yet have this ability though. Are all resonate users’ favorites viewable to authed users?

how are you differentiating authenticated user vs regular user? For me, an authed user is a regular user who has logged in.

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Ah, I was totally unfamiliar with what authed was short for! Thought it was a different program or something :upside_down_face: