Live Event Notes

Where have you connected with music lately? What happened?

Three events come to mind for me in the last month. I’ll just jot what I can now and hope to come back to fill in later.

Darryl’s Tavern - Zero Down - Shoreline WA - July 13

Darryl’s Tavern in Shoreline on the northern edge of Seattle is a local haven for elder punks and rockers retaining the energy to offer original work in the old fashion a few more times before they pass. It somehow manages the feel of a sleazy suburban Family Room, but in a curiously non-predatory way. The occasion was an all day festival of twenty bands [including Sky Penis] across two stages in the parking lot. The highlight was the last show of Zero Down, an Iron Maiden inspired outfit and vital treasure who have built a legacy out of winning by merely showing up. They showed up and won, yet again.

More words to come?

What The Heck? 2019 - American Croation Club - Anacortes, WA - July 27
Performances by D+, Pounding Serfs, Lois Maffeo, Mecca Normal, Karl Blau, The Microphones, Little Wings, Black Belt Eagle Scout

The Black Tones / Beverly Crusher - Alma Mater Rooftop - Tacoma WA - Aug 3