Managing multiple artist profiles as a label or manager

We are building new account management and uploading tools for artists and labels. In the future you will be able to manage multiple artist personas from an Artist Account or Label Account.

For now, there are limitations when getting set up as a label or artist manager on Resonate. If you are managing more than a few artists, it would be better to email us at and request to get on the label waiting list. We’ll let you know when we’re ready for you.

If you don’t mind some extra work to join now, then let’s get started.

  1. Go to Join - Resonate. Create an Artist Account for each artist. If you represent a label, make an Artist Account for your label too. Each Account will need a unique email address.

  2. Complete an artist profile for each Artist Account, including the one you plan to use for your label if you have one. In the admin section of the profile, use your name on each account profile rather than the artist’s; this shows that you are the one responsible for the account.

  3. Follow the guidance at Submitting music to prepare releases.

  • :warning: If you are a new label, email before submitting releases. In your email, tell us the email address of the Artist Account you set up as a placeholder for your label; we will convert it to a Label Account for you.
  1. You are now ready to submit your releases. Please submit releases while logged in via the Artist Account corresponding to each release. The Submission Form will have a place to note your label account if you have one.

future projects

We have some important projects underway that will help us onboard labels efficiently.

Recently we completed our new User API that will allow our system to manage complex user and membership relationships between artists, bands, labels, and distributors.

We have built a new ID Server that will allow us to move from our old website and data infrastructure. Completing these two projects will create a new foundation for Resonate, improving the platform’s independence, security and flexibility.

You can learn more about those and future #plans in the Platform area of the forum.


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