Mapping links between pages

As a user, I want to be able to see which pages on the player are linking to the page I am currently on so that I can explore the player and catalog via these connections.

@pacaud: I’ve been reading up and building a digital garden lately and they have this notion of “backlinks” where you’re shown what pages are linking to the page you are on at the moment.

Ultimately, this could be represented as node graphs (looks a bit like a starmap) where you can see how all pages on the website are linked to each other. Like a web.

Represent artists as an interconnected web - using location, genre, band members, label, tags, references : maybe defined by the artist itself, allowing them to link themselves to other artists they like or are influenced by - but also allow listeners to add links themselves, maybe with a voting system (e.g. 14 people said this artist sounds similar to this other artist - 3 people said this artist sounds like this OTHER artist - etc.)

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