Master plan for scouting

Will write this in more detail later, but the basic idea is…

  1. Get existing music fans on Resonate to identify their favorite artists on the platform
  2. Send social media messages, tagging those artists, looking for their super fans
  3. Engage with those fans about those artists, drawing attention to the fact they’re on Resonate
  4. Ask for other tips about other artists they like, especially those who have performed along with the original artist
  5. New artists to be added to spreadsheet (see Scouting category) for tracking progress

Organizers: @robthomas and @peter


This document outlines the points above and would be a good starting FAQ style sheet to help kick start everything. When would be a good time to send out the email/tweet encouraging volunteer sign up?

Happy to work on that if needed…

To keep all in one place, here is the aforementioned spreadsheet.

What I’d really like to learn (as a team) is what are the best ways to start social based dialogues in a more informal, human-centric manner.

Meaning not starting conversations as Resonate talking to artists and fans, but as music lovers first. Really need to build an entirely new culture from the ground up, so it shouldn’t be dictated by the usual conventions.


Very keen to wade in on this.


I’m wondering whether it’s worth contacting the Independent Label Market too? They have events coming up in Berlin and London and it seems as though there may be some shared aims in terms of sustainability and transfer of knowledge. Possibly also the added benefit of having lots of small labels and listeners in one space to start conversations?


Great idea, we’ve made some amazing contacts there at an individual label level at their events in the past. Talking to the organisation direct would be good.


@terry and @RobertaFidora is that something you might like to partner up on? Conceivable we could do some rudimentary tracking and profit sharing on new recruits that come out of their engagement.

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There are a lot of indie labels I’d love to see on Resonate. Is there any reason I shouldn’t reach out to them directly (as a fan)? If I did and they’re interested, who / how should I direct them to a Resonate admin?


Hey Eric,

Definitely! I’d say we have most of the labels on the service due to exactly that – fans reaching out, passing on their interest.

I think most would sign up if they’re interested without needing to speak to anyone, but you can direct them to for more info should they need it. :slight_smile:


Hi there,
i decided to promote resonate with artists i’m already in touch with. I go to their FB page, or mail , and explain that it would be great to have them on board, and why.
I ask them some feeback as well .
let you know how this is gowing :slight_smile:


Very cool @webbienat! That’s really how we’ll succeed… Thru individual initiative coupled with collective coordination.

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This seems like the most natural way. I am looking forward to spending more time in this way.