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This topic is to collect design material for member administration.

See also the closely related area User Administration


Define a set of services / tools to help Resonate admins and the Secretary to support co-op membership processes and the administration of the membership list / roll.


Mainly focused on services associated with the administration of co-op membership products including renewals and payment.

User Stories in scope:

Ref Who Story
B01 admin As an administrator I need to approve new user id information / credentials,profiles and screen membership applications so that co-op policy is observed and that the quality of profiles on the player and other services is not compromised.
B02 admin As an administrator I need to ensure that all new members receive a personalised member greeting / newsletter by a communication channel of their choice so they feel welcome (see also the CRM user stories)
C01 co-op sec As a co-op secretary I need to ensure that membership records are up to date, complete, approved and accurate
C02 co-op sec As a co-op secretary and administrator I need to ensure membership renewals are paid and actioned and if not, memberships are terminated.
C03 co-op sec As a co-op secretary I must to be able to process and account for share transfers / gifts betwen members or co-op accounts (e.g. annulments)

See also:
User Stories full list.

Joining / Membership Sign Up flows:

User API data model:

UserAPI end points here: https://github.com/resonatecoop/user-api/blob/master/third_party/OpenAPI/user/user.swagger.json

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If admin can view Stripe and take actions on the platform-side admin to resolve issues, this seems like a good plan to me.

If admin is going to be semi-regularly modifying anything on Stripe then this seems like a red flag and potential nightmare for future accounting / debugging / administering.

Example situations:

User is 100% sure they’ve paid and is upset about not being able to do XYZ. User gives admin their user email and username. User emails support about this and gives the admin the wrong email. Admin can’t find the record in stripe due to the email being wrong, user is getting frustrated.

Not going to pretend to be an expert, just have been the admin ^ in these situations before.

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Yep. That’s a great example for " We need to trap any unexpected errors and write errors to an error log . (We need to ensure failed mappings between Resonate users and the stripe customer are resolved quickly.)"

Dashboard in stripe is probably a workaround… restricted, read-only access… we will need to build proper admin tools on top of the api in the longer term.