🎨 Membership colors in the forum

Resonate is made of four different membership groups, each with a unique relationship to the co-op. To bring greater visibility to the ways we all build Resonate, I’m experimenting with a new feature here in the forum.


Take a look around and you’ll notice colored circles on folks’ avatars now. These represent their primary membership group.

  • Red: Founder members, folks here from the very start of the co-op

  • Green: Musicmaker members, artists and labels with music on the player

  • Blue: Listener members, who make a yearly donation to support the co-op

  • Yellow: Workers, who contribute time and effort to building and maintaining the co-op. The Worker-member group has yet to be formally founded at Resonate; for now, this color represents those who are active work contributors.

You can be a member in multiple member classes at once – for example, maybe you are both an artist and a developer. If you’d like to pick a particular color to highlight that relationship, you can select this under Flair in your user preferences.

Membership records haven’t been fully integrated into the forum yet. If you are missing from a membership group, you can request to join by clicking Request on the Groups page.

Resonate has always been quite monochromatic. How do you feel about this splash of color?

  • Dazzling!
  • Let’s try it out for a while
  • I don’t like it now and I won’t like it ever
  • Cool concept, but could be improved…
  • No opinion either way
  • What are we talking about?

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totally off hand down for colors but maybe switch up red/green cause colorblindness?


I’m red/green colorblind myself! If I can see these well, I assume most other colorblind folks could. If folks have issues, we’ll definitely respond to them.

The colors I picked for each class were based on a nature metaphor where Founders were the red soil, Musicmakers the green plants, Listeners the blue rain, and Workers the yellow sunlight.

I’m open to other designs for the Flair icons. My first instinct is simply to make them a bit smaller.

The idea is my main focus – to bring greater visibility to who is or isn’t a co-op member in the forum, and of how folks build the co-op. And to do this in a way where every username doesn’t have “musicmaker member” or “listener member” next to it, and so on.


Instead of “smaller”, perhaps changing them to be a halo/border around the profile picture?

Alternatively, changing them to have unique shapes may help mitigate colorblindness challenges.


Halo/border is a cool idea. The feature isn’t that customizable though; it’s limited to displaying a small image at the bottom right of the avatars. Shapes or other icons would be interesting to try.