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What is Mirlo?

Mirlo is an artist-centered, collectively owned music distribution platform.

How is Mirlo different?

Informed by our analysis gained from working on different cooperative music platforms and tuning into the music industry landscape, we understand flourishing communities are vital to a platform’s longevity. Technology is in service to people. We prioritize musicians, workers, and listeners over profits.

Inspired by our varied experiences in mutual aid collectives and cooperatives, we commit to exiting to community. Venture capital and extractive or obscure investment schemes are antithetical to our ethos.

With Mirlo, we aspire to cultivate balance and grow sustainably. Notions of scarcity that pit the workers who operate a platform against the musicians who utilize it are not in alignment with how we choose to navigate. We value the perspectives and contributions of all the people who make Mirlo run. Rather than imposing punitive benchmarks that impede those who don’t have a huge following, we want Mirlo to be viable for musicians of all levels of experience and visibility.

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@honeyanhibiscus Is Mirlo meant to be a spiritual successor to Resonate?