Mirlo Kickstarter

Hi All!

The Mirlo team is really excited about the launch of their kickstarter, please check it out and pitch in!


We’re happy to answer any questions about it here or wherever. Our main goal is to do bare minimum operating costs funding for the next 8 months (through 2024) which includes legal funds for incorporating, outreach, pr, community building, and marketing costs, infrastructure costs, and a couple things more. If we meet that goal the rest of the money we make will be used as outlined in the kickstarter!

Mirlo is rooted in concepts of mutual aid, a grounded anti-capitalist analysis of the tech and music industry, our experiences in various tech platforms, as well as the co-operative movement generally.

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We just posted this update:


We’re floored to see the support from our community. Thank you!

Turns out people like swag!

Silkscreened t’s and swag bags are sold out! And only 8 tote bags remain. We’re working on new swag options, including maybe hats and patches?

We’ve also confirmed three tracks for the compilation album and are talking to some other artists as well. Keep an eye out for another update real soon!

We still need your help

But to get all of these things to you, we do need to cross the finish line. Which means we need to raise another $6,000!

Help us get there by sharing with your friends, family, your favorite podcast, twitter account, etc and encouraging them to gift.

If you want to help out in other ways, reach out to us via kickstarter or email us at mirlodotspace@proton.me.