Mobile Bugs

I didn’t know about this and have just gotten around to giving it a go (on iPhone 12/iOS 15.1.1). I’m facing a bunch of bugs though.

Search not working - I click the magnifying glass icon and nothing happens.

Playback initiation is buggy - overlapping things but if there’s anything registered as ‘now playing’ in the iOS control centre pull down (such as something I was listening to earlier which is now paused on another app such as music or bandcamp) resonate playback doesn’t start. If I open the other app and close so the now playing clears, resonate playback starts. But not always, sometimes after a couple of attempts. Not sure if there’s buffering in addition to not being able to take over if playback is being held by another app.

No background playback - after I’ve got a track to start, all is well until my screen times out and then audio stops. I couldn’t, for example, go for a jog whilst listening to resonate with phone in my pocket.

Don’t know how hard/easy any of these are, if known limitations or indeed bugs.

Also, just checked and none of these are issues when I simply use resonate from a browser tab in iOS safari.

I also deleted and re-added to home screen and… search now works but the other issues remain.