Moving Resonate Coop to FunkWhale platform?

It seems that development on Resonate is in hibernation mode. I think Resonate had some great ideas about co-operative artist ownership of music and consumer participation in the platform, but candidly there wasn’t enough investment in the technology.

There is an open-source collective called that is based on federated open-source concepts for music distribution. It’s a maturing platform that is much farther ahead in development than Resonate.

Theoretically all of the good co-operative ideas and goodwill that were intended for this platform could be carried over to, and the idea of co-operative music ownership/platform could survive on a Funkwhale instance specifically customized for co-operation.

I just wanted to throw the idea out there because it seems like a good fit.

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I’m still maintaining the platform so it does not go down. While the situation is uncertain for the coop, it’s no reason to give it all up. Hibernation is not a bad thing. Resonate is also partially open source and anyone is free to create something different using the code…

I have been doing some work in the background to fix ongoing problems with the player. I haven’t seen much interest lately but I would assist anyone who is willing to contribute.

Funkwhale is a cool project for sure.

In the meantime, I suggest you check out Mirlo.

hi! i just heard about resonate after ranting on the internet about how badly a music streaming cooperative is needed. i agree that hibernation is not always a bad thing! anyhow, my name is Mae and I am a software developer and musician and i just got laid off so i currently have a lot of time on my hands and want to keep my programming skills ♯. so basically if you need help or want to get this thing fired back up with new blood - i’m your girl :wink: